Four Seasons Beverly Hills

When you need a break from busy city life in Los Angeles, the Four Seasons Beverly Hills provides the perfect refuge. Leave your car with the valet and say hi to Marilyn on your way in (there is a statue of the film goddess by the entrance). In the extravagant lobby I noticed the prestigious Krigler perfume shop, where guests can personalise their own scent or choose from one of the famous fragrances.

It was Sunday morning and I was here to try the spa and Cabana restaurant. LA locals get their nails done every week, but for me a manicure and pedicure was a very special luxury. I was the only guest in the nail bar and my therapist worked meticulously on my hands and feet to ensure I left looking like an LA girl.

From their huge selection I chose two Essie colours, a pretty shade of pale pink (‘Hi Maintenance’) for my fingers and a punchy shade of coral (‘Tart Deco’) for my toes. With a cappuccino in hand and my feet soaking in warm bubbly water I felt completely relaxed. After an hour of pampering my nails looked very neat and professional – carefully trimmed cuticles and perfectly painted nails. After a few minutes letting them dry by the pool I headed to the leafy al fresco dining room for lunch.

The Cabana eatery offers casual poolside dining. We enjoyed refreshing homemade fruit juices before ordering a range of summery dishes. The food is simple and nicely presented, the menu features international favourites such as BLT sandwich and seasonal additions like the burrata, peach and tomato salad. Unfortunately the food looked better than it tasted, particularly unsuccessful was the very plain Parsley and Kale Superfood Rigatoni. However, the new dish of crispy crab cakes was better, an appetising soft texture and deliciously seasoned.

For dessert we indulged in their decadent ice-cream sandwich. Chewy (slightly stale) cookies cemented together with creamy homemade ice cream. It was a childish but fun pudding, ideal in the lunchtime Californian heat.

Four Seasons Beverly Hills is a temple of luxury to escape Hollywood. Though I can’t recommend the uninspiring Cabana restaurant when there are so many great restaurants on the streets of LA, the spa is a great place to treat yourself to a luxurious weekend mani-pedi.

More information about the Four Seasons Beverly Hills here.

Nails & Brows, Mayfair

I had just about given up on beauty blogging in Central and West London until I found Nails & Brows. I am always on the lookout for new places for weekend pampering and this stylish little haven ticks every box.

Specialising in nail and eyebrow treatments, this luxurious boutique is ideal for pre-party preening or just a little TLC. Squashed between the uptight hotels and overpriced bars of Berkeley Square, N&B is a breath of fresh air with a stylish white shopfront amongst the dark and oppressive mega brands.

The gorgeous owner Sherrille Riley told me the tale of N&B before I sat down to be spoiled! She emphasised the brand’s key message ‘the importance of enhancing one’s natural beauty’ and explained the healthy organic products they use and the natural techniques the therapists perform. As I leaned back and let my feet be thoroughly scrubbed, I listened to the other beauticians offer advice to their clients, an in depth consultation that is all just part of the standard service here.

The rainbow selection of Essie colours makes choosing the perfect shade rather more difficult. After testing out five contrasting colours, I chose a very pale turquoise for my fingers and a pretty pink for my toes. Chrysi was efficient and thorough, so that my feet were beach-ready despite the lack of upcoming sunny holiday! While my feet were tended, I sipped a coffee and flicked through a glossy magazine, a rare opportunity to totally indulge and relax.

Next I headed upstairs to the eyebrow emporium where wonderwoman Silvie gave me a miraculous brow makeover. I lay back on the bed and let Silvie examine my brow shape and colour. She tinted and reshaped my brows, accentuating my natural line using the Damone Roberts range. My brows looked their very best: defined, dark and healthy, and without doing anything too radical Silvie carefully created a shape that complemented my face shape and made my features more striking.

My final treatment was back downstairs at one of the stylish manicure stations. Sara chatted enthusiastically to me about N&B whilst trimming, filing and moisturising my hands and nails. The colour looked even prettier on and I admired my choice while Sara finished off the top coat and nourishing oil. There is something about manicures that makes me feel so special, and I spent the rest of the day flashing my fingers at the world. Even a week later they still looked pristine and a girl on the bus came up to me to ask where the colour was from and if my nails were fake as they looked so long!

Needless to say I left Nails & Brows a very happy customer. If only I lived nearer I would be in here every weekend having my nails polished and my brows beautified!

More information and book an appointment here:

Beauty Bazaar, Liverpool

In my opinion, Liverpool is the perfect city for a girl’s weekend away. There are plenty of cute cocktail bars, vintage boutiques, afternoon tea cafes and art galleries. Though the one thing the female species really enjoy indulging in is some beauty therapy and relaxing spa treatments. Luckily, Liverpool is home to the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar, a luxury hall of the top beauty brands, everything to preen and nourish your hair, skin, face and nails.

The Beauty Bazaar is centrally located in town and open 7 days a week to look after all your last minute beauty needs. After a long night’s sleep we arrived at 10am ready to be pampered from head to toes. The team had created a little programme for both of us to concentrate on our needs and desires. I started at Nails Inc where the lovely Greta filed and prepped my fingers and toes and coated them in a creamy toffee shade called Basil Street. For men the nails brand offer full pedicures to tidy up and shape the nails and soften the skin.

On the top floor more intensive treatments take place, I experienced a facial and bikini wax here though you can also have therapeutic full body massages if you are in need of total relaxation. The therapists are thorough and thoughtful ensuring you are very comfortable with the temperature and lighting in the room before proceeding. I particularly enjoyed the facial which deeply cleansed and soothed my worn winter skin, and then moisturised with rich lotion so my skin looked plump and glowing when I left.

For the ultimate brow grooming head to Blink where the girls thread immaculately to give defined eyebrows. I warn you it can be painful, especially if you have sensitive skin, but the results are so much better than waxing. Blink also offer head and neck massages which will completely relax and de-stress you. We completed our morning with tea and champagne at the WOW bar where guests can also devour an afternoon tea should you feel peckish after your treatment.

An essential item on any girly itinerary for Liverpool and with the festive season coming up there has never been a better time to visit the Beauty Bazaar for a bit of beauty extravagance.

More information and book a day of indulgence here.