Air France x Good France: Parlez Vous French Food

A few days ago I joined Air France and a group of gastronomes at the French Institute in South Kensington for a night to celebrate French food and to launch the ‘Do you speak French Food?” campaign.

This is the fourth year that AirFrance has partnered with Good France to celebrate this special annual culinary event. Each year, on 21st March, the first day of Spring, an amazing dinner is arranged to promote French fine dining.

Air France

This year the theme is Wines & Spirits and international gourmet cuisine. Over 3,000 restaurants around the world will be taking part in this amazing culinary initiative, offering “à la Française” menus to guests, a lovely opportunity for diners to experience French food without having to travel to the country. Some of my favourite French restaurants in London are taking part, including Frenchie, The Greenhouse, L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, and Club Gascon.

Air FranceAir France

At last week’s press conference we listened to inspirational talks by Raymond Blanc and Michel Roth who spoke of their fondest foodie memories and the importance of food education. Then it was over to Air France to give us an insight into the “Do you speak French food?” campaign. We watched the short, original and quirky video clips which represent a mini gastronomic dictionary, hoping to help customers around the world to grasp a better understanding of some French gourmet culinary terms in an amusing and informative way.

Air France

Followers are invited to add their own culinary terms to this gastronomic dictionary and post a related pic on Instagram. The competition takes place from 16 to 21 March and the winner of the best combination will win two long-haul tickets to the destination of their choice.

Air FranceAir France

On 21 March 2018, to mark the start of the “Gôut de /Good France” event, Air France will also organise the first ever wine and Champagne tasting event in the sky with Paolo Basso, voted the world’s best sommelier in 2013. On flight AF072 connecting Paris to Los Angeles, the expert wine consultant will present the wine and Champagnes list that he has signed for the company to the flight’s Business customers. Premium Economy and Economy customers will also be able to discover the medium-haul Business class wines.

While the flight is taking place, the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs will kick off the world’s largest dinner reception – bringing together over 3,000 restaurants and 150 embassies across five continents to celebrate and promote fine French cuisine.

Air France

Needless to say we were all starving after hearing about all the amazing culinary events, and so we headed downstairs to try dishes created specially for the occasion by Chef Michel Roth, taste premium French wines, and marvel at the prettiest miniature patisserie! Such a delicious and fabulously French way to spend an evening!

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Air France.

The Paris Guy

It’s no secret that Paris is one of my favourite cities in the world, in fact at one point I was considering a move over the channel. Like London, there are numerous things to do in France’s capital city and it’s overwhelming to know where to start. And that’s where The Paris Guy comes in…

The Paris Guy is a modern tour operator recently launched by The Roman Guy.

The Roman Guy, a leading tour operator in Italy, was launched when it’s co-owner, Sean P Finelli, left his city career on Wall Street for a life in Rome. He was on a mission to trace his Italian ancestors and immerse himself in Italian life. He quickly saw an opportunity in the saturated Rome tourism market and dreamed of creating a tour operator that would not just offer tours but would also focus on actually helping visitors plan their trip to Rome, ensuring visitors had a more fun holiday while avoiding the tourist chaos. Soon after, tour guide Brandon Shaw joined the team and together they have built The Roman Guy into an Italy-wide brand, offering tour experiences and trip planning services across the country.

Now, after conquering Italy, The Roman Guy has decided to expand to the beautiful city of Paris! With their team of travel experts, they’ve decided to take their modern approach to tourism, and apply it to Paris. With a local team of experts now in the city, they are expanding their attitude of fun and happy tourism into another popular Europe destination. Their local experts in Paris are ready with their first 3 tours available to book, and they are excited to inspire Paris visitors for years to come.

The Paris Guy has a team of experts who want to help you experience the best of this magical city without any hassle. Here are the 3 Paris tours you can choose from:


Skip the Line Magnificent Louvre Tour in Paris: With 38,000 works of art and thousands of people waiting in line just to see the Mona Lisa each day, it helps to have an expert by your side. With The Paris Guy, you get to go right inside the Louvre… the guides will introduce you to prized artworks and those less well known, including some of the greatest Renaissance masterpieces ever created.


Skip the Line Paris Catacombs Tour: Known as “the gateway to hell”, the Paris Guy local guides will lead you through the eeriest tunnels in Paris. You will get to skip the line to enter, and hear some amazing stories as you walk through the atmospheric, eerie bone-filled rooms!


Golden Versailles Palace and Garden Tour: Versailles is a magical palace just outside of Paris. You’ll be taken by the knowledgeable guides from the centre of Paris and transported to the Palace. As part of a small group you will experience both the palace and the immaculate palace gardens on this tour. As it’s a bit out of the city, a return ticket from Paris is included in the tour price.

Find out more information and book a spot on one of The Paris Guy tours here.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with The Paris Guy.

Gstaad Palace, Switzerland

When I first visited Gstaad, in summer last year, I dreamt of staying at Gstaad Palace. This historic hotel, which celebrates its 105th birthday this year, has always been family run, and over the years has welcomed some of the areas most prestigious visitors.

Gstaad Palace

Last week I joined a gaggle of girls to escape to Gstaad Palace for a couple of magical, snow-filled days. We met at the airport bright and early, ready to embark on the long journey ahead. Located high in the mountains, the town of Gstaad is found in the Bernese Oberland region of the Swiss Alps. Its soaring mountains and charming chalet towns have made it a popular choice for glamorous skiers and designer fans.

Gstaad Palace

After arriving in Geneva airport we took two trains – travelling for a few hours through spectacular views and magical landscapes – and finally reached the cute Gstaad train station at 6pm. There are 100 elegantly designed rooms and suites at Gstaad Palace, cosy but spacious, traditional but equipped with all modern necessities. I was staying in a Double Deluxe room facing the majestic mountains. I instantly felt at home, the bed was sumptuous and grand (in look and comfort) and the bathroom was completely indulgent with a large bathtub and Molton Brown toiletries.

Gstaad PalaceGstaad Palace

Each year the Palace renovate and refresh several rooms, we had the chance to admire one of the top suites, decadent and regal in style with a large dining room and study. Though contemporary in look, the materials still very much evoke a feeling of the alpine destination. I can only imagine the guests that must have stayed here before…

Gstaad PalaceGstaad Palace

Downstairs, the common places are relaxed in mood but strict in dress-code, a reminder that this is a heritage hotel that still follows some old-fashioned hospitality traditions. There is a comfortable cigar room for guests who wish to smoke and a lavish living room for enjoying a hot chocolate or glass of champagne by the fire.

Gstaad Palace

Breakfast can be enjoyed in the main restaurant or from the comfort on your own room. We relished the opportunity to dine with a view… so ordered room service and feasted like kings on crepes and croissants, exotic fruits and eggs.

Gstaad PalaceGstaad Palace

There are plenty of restaurants to try at Gstaad Palace. On our first night we tasted the accomplished Italian cuisine at Gildo’s Ristorante, named after the hotel’s Maître d’hôtel Gildo Bocchini, who has been one of the hosts at the Palace since the 1960s. The chefs pride themselves on using the finest and freshest ingredients and prepare classic and delicious dishes, from pastas to meats. I can particularly recommend the vanilla and chocolate souffles for dessert!

Gstaad Palace

After a long day on the slopes there is nothing better than returning to the Palace for a few revitalising hours at the spa. Use the pools or the sauna, or book in for a treatment with one of the experienced therapists. I was treated to a signature massage using the Jardin des Monts products, from a beautiful garden not far from Gstaad. The unique treatment aims to connect the guest to the magic of the mountains by using 100 percent natural oils that are flavoured with fresh alpine scents.

Gstaad PalaceGstaad Palace

During our two days as Gstaad Palace’s guests I was very impressed with the hospitality and thoughtful itinerary planning. They ensured we were truly immersed in the culture and traditions of this part of the world. Our final dinner was reached by horse-drawn carriage… an incredible hour-long journey took us through snowy forests until we arrived at a charming little fondue restaurant. Cold and hungry we were delighted to be inside and offered hot mulled wine and melted cheese!

Gstaad Palace

The Palace also organised an interesting and edcucational paper-cutting class. This painstaking Swiss art is a delicate and difficult talent to learn, but the results are miraculous. We each managed to carefully cut out woodland animals while the masterful teacher observed our profiles and cut each of our silhouettes out free-style!

Gstaad PalaceGstaad Palace

Before leaving to return to reality we spent an hour wandering round the picturesque town of Gstaad. Here you will find chocolate-box houses containing the most expensive designer brands and cafes offering wonderful hot chocolate and Swiss delicacies.

Gstaad Palace

Gstaad is a fairytale destination to visit year-round. I loved it last year when I stayed in the warmth of summer, but there was something even more magical seeing this Swiss escape topped in snow. Thank you to Gstaad Palace for making our stay even more special than I imagined possible.

More information and book a stay at Gstaad Palace here.