Nails & Brows, Mayfair

I had just about given up on beauty blogging in Central and West London until I found Nails & Brows. I am always on the lookout for new places for weekend pampering and this stylish little haven ticks every box.

Specialising in nail and eyebrow treatments, this luxurious boutique is ideal for pre-party preening or just a little TLC. Squashed between the uptight hotels and overpriced bars of Berkeley Square, N&B is a breath of fresh air with a stylish white shopfront amongst the dark and oppressive mega brands.

The gorgeous owner Sherrille Riley told me the tale of N&B before I sat down to be spoiled! She emphasised the brand’s key message ‘the importance of enhancing one’s natural beauty’ and explained the healthy organic products they use and the natural techniques the therapists perform. As I leaned back and let my feet be thoroughly scrubbed, I listened to the other beauticians offer advice to their clients, an in depth consultation that is all just part of the standard service here.

The rainbow selection of Essie colours makes choosing the perfect shade rather more difficult. After testing out five contrasting colours, I chose a very pale turquoise for my fingers and a pretty pink for my toes. Chrysi was efficient and thorough, so that my feet were beach-ready despite the lack of upcoming sunny holiday! While my feet were tended, I sipped a coffee and flicked through a glossy magazine, a rare opportunity to totally indulge and relax.

Next I headed upstairs to the eyebrow emporium where wonderwoman Silvie gave me a miraculous brow makeover. I lay back on the bed and let Silvie examine my brow shape and colour. She tinted and reshaped my brows, accentuating my natural line using the Damone Roberts range. My brows looked their very best: defined, dark and healthy, and without doing anything too radical Silvie carefully created a shape that complemented my face shape and made my features more striking.

My final treatment was back downstairs at one of the stylish manicure stations. Sara chatted enthusiastically to me about N&B whilst trimming, filing and moisturising my hands and nails. The colour looked even prettier on and I admired my choice while Sara finished off the top coat and nourishing oil. There is something about manicures that makes me feel so special, and I spent the rest of the day flashing my fingers at the world. Even a week later they still looked pristine and a girl on the bus came up to me to ask where the colour was from and if my nails were fake as they looked so long!

Needless to say I left Nails & Brows a very happy customer. If only I lived nearer I would be in here every weekend having my nails polished and my brows beautified!

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