The Gardeners Cottage, Edinburgh

The Gardener’s Cottage in Edinburgh is an idyllic place to eat and spend time. It is found up a little path surrounded by shrubs and vegetable patches. It all seems too good to be true. We creaked open the wooden door to reveal a tiny eatery with long communal tables and homely smells wafting in from the kitchen.

Sitting inside this quaint house, I felt instantly removed from the city and immersed in a countryside calm bliss. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see muddy wellies left by the door or energetic dogs waiting to be taken for a long walk. But instead we were here to enjoy a comforting seasonal brunch.

We soon learnt that this house, which was once the gardener’s cottage, dates back to 1836. The building remained deserted for a while until two chefs (Dale Maillet and Edward Murray) dedicated themselves to transforming it and the restaurant opened in 2012. The décor stylishly rugged with touches of artistic charm. Above the main table a green and white print quotes ‘watercooler watercress’.

In the evenings it is compulsory to have the daily seven course menu which costs £35, but for lunch or brunch you can choose from the reasonably priced a la carte menu. We enjoyed a late brunch here on a Sunday and I loved everything about the experience. With groups of friends and family surrounding us the atmosphere was jovial and jolly.

We tried a selection of simple dishes: Asparagus, wild garlic and bonnet quiche was divinely creamy and stuffed full of delicious asparagus. Mutton meatballs with ricotta, tomato and hazelnut maltagliati was a more generous portion size, comforting and tasty. Homemade rectangular pasta with wonderfully seasoned meatballs, tangy tomatoes and indulgent soft ricotta. I also recommend ordering a portion of the farmhouse bread and homemade butter.

A cafetiere of perfectly brewed black coffee and a slice of pressed chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and sherry ice-cream completed our meal. The Gardeners Cottage is effortlessly delightful, a gorgeous little den for eating and enjoying life’s little pleasures.

More information and book a table here.

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