Light & Free By Artists

A few weeks ago I spent a colourful afternoon with Light & Free yoghurts learning the art of graffiti, inspired by their new special edition yogurt packs designed by artists.

Light and Free

A group of us arrived at a Shoreditch studio, and were greeted by a local graffiti artist and red overalls to put on. Once we were kitted out in the appropriate protective clothing, gloves and masks we went through to the bright white room where vibrantly coloured yoghurt pots lined every wall and blank canvases awaited our creativity!

Light and FreeLight and Free

We quickly learnt the skill of using a spray paint can… applying different pressure to different parts of the nozzle and holding the can at different angles to get varying sized lines. Shading and drip technique was next up and definitely harder to master! Eventually we were let loose on our own blank yoghurt pot stencils on the wall to design our own. My once-brilliant idea (clouds of light & Free yoghurt dripping into a spoon) immediately became an insurmountable task! Luckily there was help on hand to help me to create my challenging design!

Light and FreeLight and Free

There are 8 Light & Free flavours to choose from… simple classics like ‘Vanilla Vibe’ and exotic offerings like ‘Coconut Craze’ and ‘Lavish Lemon’. For this beautiful limited-edition collection Light & Free chose 4 innovative and unique artists to each design 2 packs. The group of artists includes illustrator and graphic artist Neil Stevens, graffiti and street artist Nerone, Morag Myerscough who is known for her neon patterns and impressive structures and South African artist Justin Poulter, an illustrator and lettering expert. Each has interpreted the yoghurts uniquely with designs ranging from abstract patterns to charming cartoons. One thing they all have in common is an expressive use of colour, which was evident when all the designs came together at the launch party!

Light and FreeLight and Free

The artists collection of Light and Free perfectly represents the vibrant and rich flavours of the yoghurts and it was so much fun to be part of the launch of this brilliant range.

More information about the collection here:

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Myla and Davis, East Dulwich

Myla and Davis East Dulwich is a short walk from my flat, it is a local I feel lucky to have. This salon is one of three from owner Katya Davis, who also started up my favourite neighbourhood restaurants, Llewelyns in Herne Hill.

Myla and Davis

I visited one February afternoon for a hair cut and colour, and was amazed to find the salon completely full, despite it being a Winter weekday afternoon. Within minutes I was sitting at a comfortable mirror facing seat sipping a cup of tea and chatting to Polly, who was in charge of doing my hair.

Myla and Davis

Myla and Davis use a selection of Bumble & Bumble products, a brand which I have always found to be reliable haircare, but also great for creative styling. I umm-ed and ahh-ed as Polly talked me through all the different options. She was wonderfully patient and reassuring as I tried to decide between a ginger transformation, subtle low lights or just returning to my natural hue.

Eventually we decided on a rich red-brown shade to moisturise and nourish my strands while also covering stray grey hairs and adding a depth of colour to my hair. A dramatic colour change but nothing too radical. I knew I didn’t want too much off the length, so Polly opted for a inch off to keep it healthy looking but still easy to tie up.

Myla and Davis

During my time at Myla and Davis East Dulwich I was kept in constant supply of tea and brilliantly gossipy magazines… which is exactly how I want to spend my time at the hairdresser. Polly worked quickly and methodically through my hair, explaining everything as she coloured and cut my hair.

The best part, as always was a thorough wash and head massage at the high-tech horizontal chairs. Polly also gave my hair an Olaplex treatment which (especially when paired with a colour treatment) adds strength and hydration to worn out hair.

After a few hours at the salon my hair was bouncy, light and rich with colour. Anyone living in South London should take advantage of the great Myla and Davis boutique salons.

More information and book a cut, colour or treatment at Myla and Davis here.

(I was a guest of Myla and Davis.)

Jade Stone Ritual at Ushvani Spa

We are seven weeks into the year and already I’m feeling like I need a holiday, or an entire week dedicated to catching up on sleep. If you too are feeling hungover from the sheer length and chill of January, I’ve got just the remedy… the Jade Stone Ritual at Ushvani Spa.

Ushvani Spa

This was my second visit to Ushvani Spa, and I only love the retreat more after trying out their newest, ultra relaxing treatment.

The Chelsea spa is tucked away among the grand Edwardian backstreets of the King’s Road, a few minutes walk from Sloane Square tube station. Once you have found the discreet front door you will be whisked inside and taken complete care of. I left my shoes and coat at the door and let the staff pamper and sooth me; work and emails became a distant memory.

Ushvani Spa

This day-spa has a Malaysian theme with ornate Asian design, charming Malay artefacts and accents of burnt orange throughout the interiors. The treatment rooms are found downstairs, where there is also a small hydrotherapy pool and steam room for guests to use.

Ushvani Spa

The Jade Stone Ritual is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic treatment that Ushvani have introduced to celebrate Chinese New Year. In traditional Chinese medicine, Jade is used to aid health issues and to increase positive energy, so it seems a fitting material to use in this Chinese inspired massage.

For 120 minutes the highly trained therapist used hot and cold Jade stones to relieve tension and stress in my muscles. The contrasting hot and cold temperatures take a little while to get used to, but are an effective tool to stimulate circulation and help the lymphatic system. Along with the stones, the therapist uses Balinese massage techniques to ease aches and pains, and my therapist was very happy to concentrate on the areas I felt needed most attention.

The final part of the massage was perhaps the most relaxing, as my scalp and face were massaged and moisturised with nourishing oils.

Ushvani Spa

My second visit to Ushvani ended just as my first had… sipping hibiscus tea in the luxurious tea room and wishing I didn’t have to leave this heavenly place.

More information and book a Jade Stone Ritual at Ushvani here. Available until Saturday 30th March 2019.