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It’s no secret that Paris is one of my favourite cities in the world, in fact at one point I was considering a move over the channel. Like London, there are numerous things to do in France’s capital city and it’s overwhelming to know where to start. And that’s where The Paris Guy comes in…

The Paris Guy is a modern tour operator recently launched by The Roman Guy.

The Roman Guy, a leading tour operator in Italy, was launched when it’s co-owner, Sean P Finelli, left his city career on Wall Street for a life in Rome. He was on a mission to trace his Italian ancestors and immerse himself in Italian life. He quickly saw an opportunity in the saturated Rome tourism market and dreamed of creating a tour operator that would not just offer tours but would also focus on actually helping visitors plan their trip to Rome, ensuring visitors had a more fun holiday while avoiding the tourist chaos. Soon after, tour guide Brandon Shaw joined the team and together they have built The Roman Guy into an Italy-wide brand, offering tour experiences and trip planning services across the country.

Now, after conquering Italy, The Roman Guy has decided to expand to the beautiful city of Paris! With their team of travel experts, they’ve decided to take their modern approach to tourism, and apply it to Paris. With a local team of experts now in the city, they are expanding their attitude of fun and happy tourism into another popular Europe destination. Their local experts in Paris are ready with their first 3 tours available to book, and they are excited to inspire Paris visitors for years to come.

The Paris Guy has a team of experts who want to help you experience the best of this magical city without any hassle. Here are the 3 Paris tours you can choose from:


Skip the Line Magnificent Louvre Tour in Paris: With 38,000 works of art and thousands of people waiting in line just to see the Mona Lisa each day, it helps to have an expert by your side. With The Paris Guy, you get to go right inside the Louvre… the guides will introduce you to prized artworks and those less well known, including some of the greatest Renaissance masterpieces ever created.


Skip the Line Paris Catacombs Tour: Known as “the gateway to hell”, the Paris Guy local guides will lead you through the eeriest tunnels in Paris. You will get to skip the line to enter, and hear some amazing stories as you walk through the atmospheric, eerie bone-filled rooms!


Golden Versailles Palace and Garden Tour: Versailles is a magical palace just outside of Paris. You’ll be taken by the knowledgeable guides from the centre of Paris and transported to the Palace. As part of a small group you will experience both the palace and the immaculate palace gardens on this tour. As it’s a bit out of the city, a return ticket from Paris is included in the tour price.

Find out more information and book a spot on one of The Paris Guy tours here.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with The Paris Guy.

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