Cip’s Club, Hotel Cipriani, Venice

When my best friend announced we were going to Venice for her 26th birthday, I knew we had to find the very best restaurant for a celebratory dinner. Three months later and we were soaking up the last of the afternoon sun, surrounded by rippling waters and eating delicious Italian delicacies, at the stunning Cip’s Club.

Cip’s is part of the glamorous Hotel Cipriani and has an exclusive but relaxed feel. The property is located on the less populated Giudecca Island parallel to the main part of Venice. Guests lucky enough to be staying or dining here can catch the complementary and very civilised private boat from Venice’s main ferry terminal, a charming way to reach your dinner destination!

After enjoying a Pretty in Pink Bellini at the outdoor bar, we were escorted round to the restaurant which is set on a wooden terrace overlooking Piazza San Marco. There was a warm glow from the setting sun as we sat down at our table, it felt incredibly special to be at such a luxurious yet unpretentious restaurant with tables covered in pristine white tablecloths with neat cutlery and napkins and handmade coloured glasses from the nearby island of Murano. We toasted with a glass of 2010 Marco Felluga Ribolla Gialla, a fine white wine from the little village of Oslavia, straw yellow in colour with a fresh, elegant taste and a touch of citrus exoticism.

Cip’s Club specialises in simple seasonal Italian dishes, everything is fresh and delicious. To start we had traditional pasta dishes: a tasty vibrant green pesto sauce with spelt pasta dusted in parmesan, and an exemplary spaghetti carbonara with broad beans presented with a raw egg yolk ready to be mixed in.

The meat and fish recipes were modest and classic without unnecessary frills. Grilled seabass on a bed of fresh vegetables was light and healthy, whilst the Beef fillet with spinach and potatoes was more of a masculine option. For something a little different I would recommend the Breaded veal with salad, a thin, crispy escalope accompanied by a garden-fresh salad of rocket and cherry tomatoes. We shared a couple of sweets between us, and if I had to choose a winner the tiramisu would get my vote, an airy, creamy delight served with strawberries.

Wandering back in the evening darkness, I felt a rush of adrenalin recalling our filmic evening. Boasting the best views in Venice, Cip’s Club’s location alone makes it the most desirable dinner reservation in Europe’s most desirable city… the exquisite food and exemplary service is an added bonus.

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