Uncovering the Secrets of Suttons & Robertsons

I’ve never really known exactly what a pawnbroker is. Often dark and dingy, occupying a strange little corner shop, they can be mysterious places that most people walk past without a backwards glance. Suttons & Robertsons couldn’t be more of a contrast to my naïve assumption.

Suttons & Robertsons is London’s oldest, active, pawnbroking business and is among the largest in the UK. This highly revered company has had a long history offering loans to cash-poor, asset-rich customers in their branches across London and Manchester.

Suttons & Robertsons

I visited the Victoria store to learn more about the historic company and see some of the amazing objects that are currently pledged or on sale. The smart shop is like a museum of curiosities, with cabinets of stunning jewellery, watches, handbags, antiques and artwork. The knowledgeable staff explained the journey of the items in store… When a customer comes in with an item, ranging from a diamond brooch to a private yacht, they speak to an expert who values the item and offers them a loan price. The customer has 6 months to buy it back while Suttons & Robertsons keep the item safe. After this period if the customer no longer want it, the item goes on sale in one of the stores. If it is sold for more than the price previously given the customer receives the additional money as well.

Suttons & Robertsons

At Suttons & Robertsons they see it all, from celebrity treasures to historic heirlooms, and I loved seeing the current collection of items. I was particularly enamoured with Margot Fonteyn’s ballet shoes, which now live permanently in the Victoria Store and was also amazed to hear about the 1966 F.A Cup winner’s medal which made it into the past collection.

Suttons & RobertsonsSuttons & RobertsonsSuttons & Robertsons

I began thinking how perfect this store could be for Christmas shopping or for picking out a gift for a couple getting married. Every item is unique and special, a one-of-a-kind object with it’s own story and history. In the Fleet Street branch city boys go in to ogle at the beautiful vintage watches, while in Victoria the array of jewellery and silverware certainly stole my heart. I began picking out my dream stocking of gifts, a beautiful amethyst ring and a set of vintage silver tea caddies.

So it seems there is so much more to pawnbroking than I initially thought, especially at Suttons & Robertsons. Whether you are visiting to pawn a possession or shop for unique jewel, this luxurious emporium has got you covered.

More information about Suttons & Robertsons here.

Hot on the Highstreet Week 261

Dosa at Egg sounds more like an Indian breakfast dish than a pop-up shop in Knightsbridge. Egg is a beautiful boutique that is usually known for its discreet white exterior and muted simple clothing. The Dosa pop-up at Egg is a blast of brightness, a collaboration of two artists (Christina Kim and Sam Schonzeit) and everything is pink. Needless to say this made me extremely happy.

The Dosa summer 15 collection is named ‘untitled pink field’ and is lively and high spirited. A beautiful collection of lightweight, floaty garments that showcase a range of rose hues. Smock dresses and billowing shirts make for the perfect summer wardrobe. The clothing collection is displayed on minimalist industrial rails in front of a wall installation inspired by the lotus pink sunsets of Myanmar and the pink-robed Buddhist nuns of Bagan. It is a patchwork collage of neon pink and white postcards, which are also available to buy individually.

In true Egg style there are cherries and cupcakes (all pink of course) for shoppers to pick at and pretty peonies adorning the entrance. It is a gloriously celebration of the colour pink and an immersive experience for fashion and design enthusiasts.

37 Kinnerton Street London

Exhibition open
5th June – 25th June
10am – 6pm
Monday  – Saturday

Hot on the Highstreet Week 260 – Shopping in Edinburgh

Considering it is the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh’s highstreet has a poor selection of brands to splash your cash at. Students have to make do with H&M, Topshop and Primark, they isn’t even a Uniqlo for your basic buys. There are plenty of designer boutiques on offer, including the smart department store Harvey Nichols, and for tourists there is an abundance of tartan and shortbread stores. When I visited last weekend I went on the hunt for a few interesting independent shops for high quality, quirky designs that inspire you to spend.

Life Story – I loved the look of this concept store from the exterior and interior. This little design shop stocks a range of brands from all over the world, including interior items from Ferm Living from Copenhagen, Washi Tape from Japan and knitwear from Hilary Grant. The items are beautifully displayed and often have a paper tag explaining their existence.

Dick’s – A stylish menswear shop offering a carefully curated collection of clothes, accessories and homeware. Chic men can completely kit out their wardrobe and homes here with striped naval jumpers from Andersen-Andersen, crockery from Koninklijke Makkum Tichelaar and notebooks from La Compagnie du Kraft Mikro. I fell in love with the luxurious flannel grey cashmere scarf made by Begg + Co.

Hannah Zakari – This wacky shop sells affordable and fun handmade jewellery by Hannah Zakari. The perfect place to pick up a unique gift or souvenir of your stay in Edinburgh. I loved the perspex weather stud earrings, depicting varying weather conditions. The shop also sells art work, look out for the quaint prints by Kate Broughton.

Walker Slater – This beautiful shop stocks the finest tweed in Edinburgh. Promoting the heritage of Scotland but offering modern tailoring and bespoke suits, this is the place to get stunning Scottish outfit. Walker Slater also have a range of sophisticated accessories and sell a few select British brands like Albert Thurston. There is now a womenswear shop too, just down the road from the original store.