C’est La Vie, St Lucia

There is something very special about C’est la Vie: a luxury staffed villa with great personalised service and a luxurious but homely feel. Secluded and separated from the main St Lucia hotels, it offers a totally unique place to stay and relax while on holiday on this beautiful island.

It was the first stop of my three week Caribbean tour, and yet the most memorable. Before arriving on the island, C’est la Vie owners take the time to contact all guests for a brief phone call to establish your likes and dislikes, and to help you arrange your holiday so that you get the most out of every moment under their roof. They have the brilliantly efficient Premier Concierge at their service to assist with the itinerary logistically.

Located in the north of the island, C’est la Vie is located up a rocky road, hidden unless you know your way around. We were kindly picked up from the airport in an ultra smart car and taken to the door. Refreshing cool flannels were immediately offered and fresh passionfruit Prosecco placed into our hands. Instantly I felt at ease.

The butler service is a big part of the C’est la Vie experience and I can see how guests can get attached to the marvellous butler Oshea. He is the perfect gentleman, highly professional with a warm friendly personality. He is staggeringly thoughtful, going above and beyond at every opportunity. I was enormously touched by his amazing service and generous attitude throughout our stay. The housekeeper is lovely too making each day memorable with creative towel designs and sweet messages in petals on the bed.

I would describe the accommodation as ‘laid back luxury’ – with Caribbean design and gorgeous furniture, it is very comfortable and a pleasure to spend time indoors when the sun goes down. Our room had lovely wooden shutters which made the room perfectly breezy but do let in some uninvited mosquitos so be sure to pack insect repellant.

Outside, the swimming pool and gardens are lush and attractive. As you sit sunbathing you can admire the surrounding blooming fruit trees and sweet smelling plants. Down a concealed path is a deserted patch of beach ideal for watching the awesome Caribbean sunset.

With such delicious food and personalised service on offer, it is tempting to never leave the property. The chef creates wonderful dishes using fresh seasonal ingredients and I particularly loved the grand breakfasts which differed each day depending on the chef’s mood, and ranged from beautifully presented exotic fruit platters to traditional beef stew!

I cannot recall a place I have stayed that caters to guests’ needs and desires so personally and perfectly. C’est la Vie offers a private place to relax and indulge whilst also encouraging and advising you on how to experience and see the very best of this incredible Caribbean island.

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The perfect St Lucia itinerary with Premier Concierge

Premier Concierge work meticulously to ensure your holiday is efficiently organised and blissfully relaxed. You literally need not worry about a thing. With them we tried the following activities:

Ziplining: an adventurous and fun experience, swinging through the rainforest like Tarzan. The staff are very experienced and great teachers making sure you are safe and smiling 100 percent of the time.

– Whale watching: I have always been desperate to see whales and though none of the big guys came out for us on this tour, we saw lots of beautiful dolphins whilst sailing through the idyllic Caribbean Sea.

Jacques: a lovely relaxed modern bistro on the Rodney Bat Marina. Enjoy a glass of wine and a bowl of pasta whilst watching the boats go by.

Starfish: a grubby little cafe offering surprisingly good food. Delicious burgers, paella and homemade ice cream is all on offer. The newest addition to brilliant Swedish chef Bobo Bergstrom’s trio of restaurants in St Lucia.

– Transfers: best of all there is no need to worry about how you’ll get to and from your chosen bookings as Premier Concierge sort it all out.

Premier Concierge think of everything, a bespoke service to make your St Lucia trip as perfect as possible.

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