The perfect St Lucia itinerary with Premier Concierge

Premier Concierge work meticulously to ensure your holiday is efficiently organised and blissfully relaxed. You literally need not worry about a thing. With them we tried the following activities:

Ziplining: an adventurous and fun experience, swinging through the rainforest like Tarzan. The staff are very experienced and great teachers making sure you are safe and smiling 100 percent of the time.

– Whale watching: I have always been desperate to see whales and though none of the big guys came out for us on this tour, we saw lots of beautiful dolphins whilst sailing through the idyllic Caribbean Sea.

Jacques: a lovely relaxed modern bistro on the Rodney Bat Marina. Enjoy a glass of wine and a bowl of pasta whilst watching the boats go by.

Starfish: a grubby little cafe offering surprisingly good food. Delicious burgers, paella and homemade ice cream is all on offer. The newest addition to brilliant Swedish chef Bobo Bergstrom’s trio of restaurants in St Lucia.

– Transfers: best of all there is no need to worry about how you’ll get to and from your chosen bookings as Premier Concierge sort it all out.

Premier Concierge think of everything, a bespoke service to make your St Lucia trip as perfect as possible.

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