Merrily We Roll Along, Harold Pinter Theatre

Merrily We Roll Along is a Sondheim classic, one of the more accessible pieces written by this genius of 20th Century music. The current production at the Harold Pinter Theatre in London seems to be delighting audiences every night.

The story runs in reverse zooming back through the life of a film producer, Franklin Shepard, showing all the celebrations, mishaps and disasters. It is really the tale of three best friends and how their lives and friendships change as they grow older and more cynical.

The music is vintage Sondheim, quirky and surprising with lovely recurring melodies and satisfying harmonies. It is an inventive and creative Sonia Freidman revival. The production is brilliantly cast with particularly touching performances from Jenna Russell as Mary and Damian Humbley as Charley.

A believable and thrilling musical by Sondheim that feels more relevant than ever for today’s fast moving stardom and wealth-obsessed culture.

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