Hot on the Highstreet Week 169: Erb at Harrods

Harrods is one of the most famous shops on the London high street, drawing in thousands of visitors every year. Working very nearby I’m in the privileged position (quite literally) of being able about to visit as and when I please, experiencing many of the top events and collaborations they host.

Keen on visiting Thailand next year, I was very intrigued to find out about the luxury Thai beauty brand, Erb, who were selected by the Thai embassy to take part in the current festival at Harrods; Thailand a Celebration of Colour and Light. This eye-catching popup is taking place in store until Saturday 31st August.

Founder of Erb, Thai fashion designer Pattree Bhakdibutr is renowned for her style and experience in the fashion and beauty industry. She was around onsite when I visited last week offering an interesting insight into the Erb range of hair and skincare products.

The Thai exhibition beams out from behind the Harrods window and lights up Knightsbridge’s most famous shopping street, walking inside I was hit immediately by the strong and aromatic aromas so often associated with this exotic country. Expert beauty therapists are on hand to give express treatments and explain the extensive range.

On a brief lunch break from work, I hugely appreciated the speedy 10-minute head, shoulder, and hand massage I received from Thuy Linh Vu. She used some of the most popular products to relax and calm my mind and body. I felt truly refreshed. They wouldn’t let me leave empty-handed giving me a lovely little turquoise bag with a taste of Thailand to take home. Mint flavoured body serum which is surprisingly light and silky on the skin; pure mineral water sacred lotus hand cream which is lovely and nourishing, restoring and reviving the skin; and two less familiar products –peppermint underarm skin toner, and underarm detox mask – which I cannot wait to try.

In a store offering all the popular designer beauty ranges, it was lovely to discover this special new brand. “Erb harnesses the power of exotic Thai herbal ingredients using the latest scientific innovations, resulting in products that deliver exceptional benefits and induce a delightful sensorial experience.”

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