The Blind Pig, The Social Eating House, Soho

The Social Eating House is the third offering from Jason Atherton (Ramsay’s protege), and with this venue he seems to have hit the jackpot, miraculously balancing fine food and a trendy vibe.  Needless to say the Soho zeitgeisters have come running, in hordes.

Not bothered about the excessive queues and waiting list for the main restaurant downstairs, we ventured upstairs to the secretive stylish bar, the Blind Pig instead. Grabbing a table by the window (more natural light and less loud chatter), we got comfy ready for an evening of catching up and indulgent eating.

Cocktail-wise there was one firm favourite for me: the Kindergarten Cup is kitsch, cute and yummy, a strong and sweet cocktail stylishly presented in a martini glass. Made with Skittles washed Ketel One, Aperol, lemon, egg white, ‘Wham Bar’ syrup and vanilla bitters, it is certainly not your average mojito!

Alongside our drinks, we tried most of the bar snacks ‘bite’ list, which exceeded all my expectations; obviously Atherton’s talent extends further than the posh ground floor eatery. I would particularly recommend the jars of spiced aubergine with tomato and parsley and the mushroom macaroni cheese, though the spice pork belly sliders are also delish.

This bar is ideal for trend followers wishing to try the Social Eating House without the hefty pricetag and boring queues. The Blind Pig offers magical cocktails and the best bar snacks I’ve sampled in London. Although I will admit I wasn’t impressed with the sarky service from the grumpy bar staff; perhaps they felt demoted from the restaurant below.

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