Little Pitt, Soho

I have always been a fan of Pitt Cue, the delicious wood-smoked meats concept from Tom Adams and Jamie Berger. So recently, while researching my new Cornwall book, I was very excited to learn about Coombeshead Farm in North Cornwall, the working farm (and new foodie retreat) which provides the meat for the Pitt Cue restaurants in London. Tom Adams spends the majority of his week on the farm rearing the Mangalitza pigs especially for the restaurants, which is important for the ‘farm to fork’ aspect of the company’s work. A few weeks ago I went along to the original Pitt Cue site in Soho, which has recently reopened as ‘Little Pitt’, to try out the meaty offerings.

little pitt soho

On a Friday lunchtime Little Pitt was heaving with Londoners working nearby rewarding themselves with a special, nearly-the-weekend gourmet lunch. We sat outside and let the kitchen take care of our order, which consisted of tasting almost everything on the menu!

Little Pitt

The tagline for the new concept here at Little Pitt is ‘Buns, Bourbon and Beer’, as they have an impressive and unique collection of each… but there is also so much more to try. Of the buns, we loved the Sausage & Kimchi, a huge bap filled with flavoursome pork and spicy homemade kimchi. Grilled Onglet is a luxurious option, served with wonderfully sweet onions. Bone marrow mash and grilled corn provide the ideal accompaniments to the meat… the corn is charred to perfection while the mash is creamy and rich with a dangerously good gravy.

Little Pitt

There are no puddings at Little Pitt so you can really indulge in the savoury dishes. I recommend trying a few of the extras. Caramel Chicken Thighs are an all-round hit, sticky sweet juicy chicken with a wonderfully crisp skin and Grilled Lamb Heart is a delicate dish, silky smooth meat coated in a lovely marinade.

Little Pitt will leave you seriously satisfied and stuffed. If I worked nearby I’d be in here every Friday lunchtime.

More information and book a table at Little Pitt here.

Pitt Cue Co, Oxford Circus

Pitt Cue Co is one of those places I have always wanted to try but never quite had the energy to queue for. The tiny Southern American BBQ joint is thrilling customers night and day but with only 20 seats, waiting is pretty much guaranteed. So when a Monday lunchtime opportunity arose, I grabbed the chance to visit this eatery and prayed for a couple of free chairs.

We were in luck, the place was almost full, but not quite, enough room for two small girls on the end of a table. I glanced around the dark downstairs chamber and was surprised to see that not all the diners were big burly men, obviously this BBQ cuisine appeals to women too.

The concept is simple: choose your meat plus a side and enjoy. Pitt Cue Co make all their own sauces and rubs and their meat is cooked low and slow, smoked in-house and finished over charcoal. The produce is British, ethically sourced and the menu changes with the seasons. The small scale of the restaurant makes it feel very homely and reassuring. There is no mass production here, and when one dish runs out, guests have to just choose an alternative, first come first served.

Between us we tried the pulled pork, house sausage, bone marrow mash and grilled baby gem lettuce with anchovy dressing. The meats were served in very generous portions and tasted absolutely divine: bold flavours, rich and juicy especially with the sweet gravy. Pulled pork was particularly succulent, whilst the sausage had a moreish meaty taste but if I’m being fussy was a tad too salty. Next time I go I would love to try the ribs, which looked amazing on the next door table. The mash is ultra smooth and rich and provides the perfect accompaniment to the meat, the lettuce though a little bitter from its grilling was crunchy and refreshing.

For just over £10 each we enjoyed the best BBQ meal I’ve tried in London. No bookings, reservations, or bribes are taken and now I’ve witnessed the BBQ brilliance, I wouldn’t mind a short wait in the cold to try it again.

More information here.