Hot on the Highstreet Week 142: top ten moisturisers

Moisturiser is the most crucial part of every girl’s beauty routine. For many women it is the first thing they will do when they wake up and the last thing to remember before bed. Finding the right moisturiser is like finding the right pair of jeans… seemingly impossible but truly satisfying once you’ve found something that suits you perfectly.

It is important to pick the right brand and correct range for your skin type, and to address all your particular concerns. With my team of skincare fans, I analysed and tested a range of products currently on the market to find the best moisturisers. I have selected my top ten outlining their qualities and benefits.

1. Radical Skincare: The most expensive of the selection, this thick and creamy moisturiser is very nourishing and rich. It would be ideal as a winter choice for cold, suffering skin or good as a night cream, enriching the skin overnight. The cream is yellow in colour and has a refreshing citrusy scent. Soon after application the cream felt fully absorbed leaving the skin shine free and soft. £100 for 50 ml

2. L’Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renew: A mid-range product that is ideal for everyday use. A simple light moisturiser with spf 50 sun protection. Initially we found the L’Oreal a little sticky but after a few minutes the brightening effects can be seen. L’Oreal use advance radiance generating care that help stimulate surface skin cell renewal. £19.99 for 50 ml

3. Thalgo Creme D’Eveil: The bright blue attractive Thalgo pot gives a good first impression. This is a lightweight cream with a clean fresh smell. Ideal for wearing underneath makeup, and immediately absorbed into the skin. adding hydration and softness, it felt lovely and would be good for all skin types. Perhaps more of a light spring/summer moisturiser. £34 for 50 ml

4. Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultra Moisture: Note that the Murad moisturiser has no sunscreen, which may be a drawback for some, however I think it is the reason this product looks and feels so comfortable on the face. Very rich and intensely hydrating, a good choice for a night cream. With ingredients including avocado, shea butter, sunflower and fruit oils, this moisturiser enhances the skin’s tone and improves the texture. Leaves skin looking beautiful and youthful. £64 for 50 ml

5. Nurture Protect Moisture Boosting Serum: Serum should be applied before moisturiser to soothe and protect skin. I loved the natural and simple feel of the Nurture range: free from all fragrance and flavouring. Protects skin for even the harshest weather conditions, this hypoallergenic serum is suitable for the most sensitive skin. £9 for 30 ml

6. Nurture Protect Day Cream: This light day cream was slightly sticky initially but was cossetting and nourishing for the skin. The Nurture products contain active ingredients which help regenerate the skin whilst ensuring it stays soft and supple. With the reasonable price tag, the Nurture range is perfect for teenagers and younger buyers looking for a cheap and effective moisturiser range. £8 for 50 ml

7. Dr Perricone – Deep Moisture Therapy: The Dr Perricone products are thick and luxurious and best for older or severely dry skin. Ideal in winter this super rich moisturiser will instantly soften and improve skin quality after only one application. The product looks and smells a little like a cooking ingredient with a buttery texture. The group loved this ultra indulgent product but found the smell a little off-putting. £70 for 59 ml

8. Dr Perricone – Face Finishing Moisturiser: My favourite Dr Perricone product. Versatile and light this moisturiser left my skin silky and smooth. A clean and fresh product suitable all year round to perfect skin tone and quality, with a subtle, barely noticeable fragrance. The Dr Perricone products come in smart minimalist packaging with little plastic scoops for easy application. £54 for 59 ml

9. Vitage Age Defence Skin: The Vitage range comprises advanced antioxidant skincare products helping skin to fight against environmental stresses. This cream provides protection from the sun with SPF 15 and UVA and UVB defence. We found the packaging a little tricky to decipher with an aggressive pump – you need to shake the bottle before use. This thin cream spread evenly and easily over the skin, you only need a little amount for the whole face. £41 for 50 ml

10. Jurlique Improve Radiance: I have to first praise the appealing packaging of the Jurlique moisturiser. In a neat tube this product is great for carrying in your handbag or for travelling. You don’t need to apply much of this enriching cream, a small amount will even out skin tone and soften skin. This moisturiser has a pleasant nostalgic natural smell. Leaves skin protected and hydrated ready for the day ahead. £32 for 40 ml

Hot on the Highstreet Week 126

As autumn fades and winter approaches, the cold weather becomes more damaging to our hair and skin. It is essential to invest in effective products to keep healthy and glowing in the chillier months. I have picked out a few of the best new products from my favourite beauty brands which can hopefully act as everyday staples.


Perricone MD Deep Moisture Therapy: Keeping your skin moisturised is the most important part of your daily beauty routine and Dr Perricone is a brilliant Cosmeceuticals brand that I can’t fault. The Deep Moisture Therapy is a new antioxidant based cream designed to hydrate, smooth and repair dry and damaged skin. Thanks to the palm, borage and coconut oil ingredients, the cream is light and soft on the skin and comforts and moisturises without the heaviness often found in winter moisturisers. With anti-aging properties, it is a good option long term working over time to protect skin and ensure a healthy glowing complexion. When using it I found it was a brilliant base underneath make-up as well. £69.50


Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin Shampoo and Lait Vital Conditioner: The Kerastase ranges are exemplary for hair care which is why you see them used by so many top salons and hairdressers. This range is for normal to dry hair so is perfect for use during colder weather. I find this shampoo and conditioner nourishes from the roots to tips, eliminating signs of split ends and leaving hair silky smooth and shiny. It is always best to use a very small amount of shampoo twice to ensure the hair is fully cleansed and hydrated. £29.95

L’Oreal Force Vector shampoo and conditioner: I am a new user of L’Oreal’s hair products and have been pleasantly surprised by the results. Force Vector is a great range for winter, in particular the conditioner replenishes hair and acts as a masque, preventing breakages and split ends and thoroughly moisturising. These products are formulated with Glycocell (Incell and Royal Jelly extract) to leave hair fibre fortified and protected. £24


He-Shi Luminous Shimmer: If you are partial to the winter blues this product could be the one for you. The He-Shi bronzer has extra sparkle and has an easy-to-use tanning mitt for perfect tan application. Best of all it is designed for him and her. Slightly scented with a sweet subtle smell, this wash off bronzer leaves you looking naturally tanned with an extra glittering finish. The cream can be applied to the whole body or used selectively to enhance legs or shoulders on a night out. £10.50 plus £4.50 for mitt


Benefit Peek-a-Bright-Eyes: this eye illuminating kit is perfect to brighten up tired winter eyes. The cute little kit includes an instant eye brightener, buff base shadow, warm chocolate contour shadow, pearly pink highlight shadow, contour / liner brush, concealer brush plus tips and tricks to help you achieve the best from these Benefit essentials. I particular liked blending the two contrasting eye shadows together to create a subtle warm smoky look. Everything you need to make your eyes stand out from the crowd this winter. £24.50


Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil: I love this product. Presented in a small neon orange bottle I found it instantly appealing. The oil smells delicious and is so featherlight and soft, it dissolves instantly into the hair leaving a lovely shine. It is perfect for either towel dried hair or for adding finish to already dry hair. Now I’ve tried this product and fallen in love, I want to try the whole B & B collection! £30

Bumble and Bumble Spray de Mode: The only hairspray to use this winter is the Bumble and Bumble fashion edition bottle. With extra strong but flexible hold and an astounding memory for shape, it is perfect for day and night-time use. £21.50

Mashooq 100 % Natural deep penetrating oil treatment: The Mashooq oil is an exclusive blend of pure natural oils which rejuvenates and nourishes the hair and is particularly beneficial to dry, damaged or brittle hair. The treatment has no chemicals or additives and has a medicinal smell, you feel you are doing your hair real good when applying it. This is a product without hype, but with the evidence of amazing results. £7.99

All products available online.