Hot on the Highstreet Week 192

January is a good time to change and refresh your daily beauty routine. I’ve scoured the best brands around, and here’s my top selection for the winter.


Finding a brand that offers a range of products to cover your whole face routine is a revelation. Murad Daily Cleansing Foam, Balancing Moisturizer and T-Zone Pore Refining Serum is on offer as a set for £99 when you buy all three and they compliment each other and your skin so you don’t have to worry about any other products. I love the easy-to-use cleansing foam, it is very light and fresh and tones the skin while also washing away all dirt and impurities. The serum is particularly good to use on more problematic areas of your face, whilst the moisturizer can be applied liberally and will hydrate and protect.

The luxuriously organic collection from Thalgo is faultless. Made from a concoction of the finest ingredients, these formulas are a a joy for every skin type. Both the Freshness Exfoliator and Relaxing Cream are light and yet hydrating. The silky touch of the cream makes it a pleasure to use, night and day.

Those days your skin needs a little extra boost, Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream does the trick. This rich and creamy moisturiser smells divine and feels even better. Presented in a retro turquoise glass container, it is a facial cream for the most glamorous girls and will keep your skin glowing long after application.

I have always been a fan of Jurlique, the floral and girly ranges are great for maintaining even tone and complexion whilst scenting the skin with delicious perfumes. The Balancing Cleansing Lotion is a gentle product made with rosewood and lavender, to cleanse and hydrate the skin. Once the skin is clean, a few pumps of the Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum will combat any dullness and leave your skin radiant. I notice the wonderful effects of Jurlique everyday.


I can’t get enough of the indulgent Cocooning Body Butter from Sanctuary Spa, it soaks so easily into the skin whilst softening and tightening. It can be used on the whole body and is the perfect remedy to unwind at the end of a stressful day. Another great product, the brings the spa to your home, is the Warming Sugar Polish. This self-heating scrub deeply cleanses the skin with the crushed organic sugar and crushed walnut recipe removing any dead skin to leave your body feeling bright and fresh.

For bronzed skin all-year round, there is only one brand to go to. St Tropez is a godsend, and in summer the shelves of Boots are emptied as girls rush for these precious bottles of tanning lotion. My favourite is the Bronzing Mousse which is easiest to use and very natural. But before tanning can commence the skin must be smooth and soft, which is where the Tan Enhancing Polish comes in. This scrub preps the skin and helps ensure the best tan. For your face, St Tropez Bronzing Lotion gives the best results.


Charles Worthington is an affordable and reliable haircare brand. These three products (Moisture Seal Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Masque) work well as a set, intensely nourishing the hair from root to end. Enriched with argon oil, when dry the hair appears shiny and glossy. Use the masque occasionally to add strength to weakened hair.

In my opinion Philip Kingsley is the king of haircare. His Moisture Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner is proof of this, these carefully formulated products are ideal for medium-textured and wavy hair, giving bounce and shine. As well as improving quality, this shampoo and conditioner makes hair manageable and easy to style, adding moisture to dry split ends and ensuring balanced roots.

When it comes to hair styling it is important to have products that you know work for your hair. Joico is a fashionable American brand with sassy styling products, I can particularly recommend the Styling & Finishing Spray and Ultra Dry Spray, with a light and lovely smell and medium hold, they will prepare hair perfectly for a night out on the town.

Hot on the Highstreet Week 159: Best Beauty Products for Summer

It is always nice to try new products at the start of a new season. In summer you want to feel fresh and fragrant and to help you achieve that I’ve chosen my top products for hair, body, face and nails!


Kerastase is my all time favourite hair brand. The easy colour coded bottles help you nagivate your way round the extensive collection of specific shampoo & conditioner sets. For warmer months I’d recommend the red and pink lighter ranges. Kerastase Soleil is ideal for sun damaged hair and Kerastase Reflection is a soft and gentle set perfect for highlighted or very sensitised hair.

Bumble & Bumble is a great brand – versatile and reliable. The Surf set of foam wash shampoo and creme rinse conditioner are lightweight products for summer adding a carefree soft seabreezy texture to your hair.


He-shi is a self tan you can trust. Everyone wants a healthy glow in the summer months, getting your pasty pins out for the first time can be daunting. He-shi exfoliating bodywash and express liquid tan are easy and quick to use with the mitt and ensure a natural and flawless effect.


Jurlique are renowned for their gentle fragrant and effective skincare products. The new Antioxidant face oil is a soothing remedy for tired and dry skin. It smells divine and is ideal as a before bed treatment.

Dr Perricone needs no explanation. This summer the brand celebrates the launch of Formula 15, the ultimate wrinkle cure. Sun damage is the greatest cause of wrinkles so why not begin combating aging this summer with this luxurious cosmeceutical face firming activator. Get 20% off the product today here.

Dennis Basso‘s new scent is for everyone. The citrus notes blended with warm tones of orange blossom and jasmine make it a sensual but light smell for summer.


Color Club is an American brand of nail varnish often used in UK nail bars. I love the vibrant and fun colours, perfect for brightening up the tips of your toes in sandals.

Hot on the Highstreet Week 142: top ten moisturisers

Moisturiser is the most crucial part of every girl’s beauty routine. For many women it is the first thing they will do when they wake up and the last thing to remember before bed. Finding the right moisturiser is like finding the right pair of jeans… seemingly impossible but truly satisfying once you’ve found something that suits you perfectly.

It is important to pick the right brand and correct range for your skin type, and to address all your particular concerns. With my team of skincare fans, I analysed and tested a range of products currently on the market to find the best moisturisers. I have selected my top ten outlining their qualities and benefits.

1. Radical Skincare: The most expensive of the selection, this thick and creamy moisturiser is very nourishing and rich. It would be ideal as a winter choice for cold, suffering skin or good as a night cream, enriching the skin overnight. The cream is yellow in colour and has a refreshing citrusy scent. Soon after application the cream felt fully absorbed leaving the skin shine free and soft. £100 for 50 ml

2. L’Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renew: A mid-range product that is ideal for everyday use. A simple light moisturiser with spf 50 sun protection. Initially we found the L’Oreal a little sticky but after a few minutes the brightening effects can be seen. L’Oreal use advance radiance generating care that help stimulate surface skin cell renewal. £19.99 for 50 ml

3. Thalgo Creme D’Eveil: The bright blue attractive Thalgo pot gives a good first impression. This is a lightweight cream with a clean fresh smell. Ideal for wearing underneath makeup, and immediately absorbed into the skin. adding hydration and softness, it felt lovely and would be good for all skin types. Perhaps more of a light spring/summer moisturiser. £34 for 50 ml

4. Murad Hydro Dynamic Ultra Moisture: Note that the Murad moisturiser has no sunscreen, which may be a drawback for some, however I think it is the reason this product looks and feels so comfortable on the face. Very rich and intensely hydrating, a good choice for a night cream. With ingredients including avocado, shea butter, sunflower and fruit oils, this moisturiser enhances the skin’s tone and improves the texture. Leaves skin looking beautiful and youthful. £64 for 50 ml

5. Nurture Protect Moisture Boosting Serum: Serum should be applied before moisturiser to soothe and protect skin. I loved the natural and simple feel of the Nurture range: free from all fragrance and flavouring. Protects skin for even the harshest weather conditions, this hypoallergenic serum is suitable for the most sensitive skin. £9 for 30 ml

6. Nurture Protect Day Cream: This light day cream was slightly sticky initially but was cossetting and nourishing for the skin. The Nurture products contain active ingredients which help regenerate the skin whilst ensuring it stays soft and supple. With the reasonable price tag, the Nurture range is perfect for teenagers and younger buyers looking for a cheap and effective moisturiser range. £8 for 50 ml

7. Dr Perricone – Deep Moisture Therapy: The Dr Perricone products are thick and luxurious and best for older or severely dry skin. Ideal in winter this super rich moisturiser will instantly soften and improve skin quality after only one application. The product looks and smells a little like a cooking ingredient with a buttery texture. The group loved this ultra indulgent product but found the smell a little off-putting. £70 for 59 ml

8. Dr Perricone – Face Finishing Moisturiser: My favourite Dr Perricone product. Versatile and light this moisturiser left my skin silky and smooth. A clean and fresh product suitable all year round to perfect skin tone and quality, with a subtle, barely noticeable fragrance. The Dr Perricone products come in smart minimalist packaging with little plastic scoops for easy application. £54 for 59 ml

9. Vitage Age Defence Skin: The Vitage range comprises advanced antioxidant skincare products helping skin to fight against environmental stresses. This cream provides protection from the sun with SPF 15 and UVA and UVB defence. We found the packaging a little tricky to decipher with an aggressive pump – you need to shake the bottle before use. This thin cream spread evenly and easily over the skin, you only need a little amount for the whole face. £41 for 50 ml

10. Jurlique Improve Radiance: I have to first praise the appealing packaging of the Jurlique moisturiser. In a neat tube this product is great for carrying in your handbag or for travelling. You don’t need to apply much of this enriching cream, a small amount will even out skin tone and soften skin. This moisturiser has a pleasant nostalgic natural smell. Leaves skin protected and hydrated ready for the day ahead. £32 for 40 ml