Inamo Camden is the fourth branch of the Inamo chain, which describes itself as a pioneering Asian fusion restaurant and bar group. Specifically what the group is pioneering emerges as we are led to our table (worth mentioning they were the best seats in the house with a view straight into the kitchen – request if you can): Inamo has found a point of difference from the many mid-value fusion restaurants in London with an interactive ordering system, developed by sister company Ordano.

Inamo Camden

After an introduction to the restaurant, we are left to play around on the table iPad, and play we did, with everything from the tablecloth to the chef cam (a decent alternative if you don’t land the top table), and most importantly, the menu.

Inamo Camden

Broken down into Sushi, Asian Tapas, Curries, Salads and Inamo Classics, there was a lot to take in, and the opportunity to preview our order and review before clicking send was appreciated.

The menu also included a cocktail list from which we sampled a Passion Fruit Martini and Kyuri Plum Sour, both easy drinking and a refreshing start to the meal. In warmer weather, the Camden branch will make a great destination for afternoon and early evening with its roof terrace, complete with bar, outdoor heaters and attractive view of the surrounding area.

Inamo Camden

Service was fast, arguably a little too so as our table (complete with water lily tablecloth) quickly became laden with the entirety of our dish selection. Once we had decided where to begin, the Yum Buns turned out to be a fun and full flavoured sharing dish, the beef a little tough but the pork and duck delicious with the hoisin sauces and herb salad. The Chicken Karaage, hot, crispy and expertly cooked was decadent and moreish, but the stand out was undoubtedly the Claypot Green Chicken Curry. A stalwart feature on the majority of fusion menus, Inamo’s version didn’t disappoint. Rich, creamy and with the perfect level of spice,  we were close to ordering a second portion – all the more tempting when it can be done in one click.

Inamo Camden

Finding room to squeeze in a dessert, we continued along the evening’s playful  theme with the Chocolate Popping Candy Dipping Sticks. Reflective of the overall Inamo experience, the dish was fun, tasty, perhaps too gimmicky for some discerning diners, but likely to leave you with a smile on your face.

If Camden is a trip too far for you, perhaps give the Covent Garden branch a try – they’re celebrating their first birthday, and until January 12 diners can receive an enticing 25% discount on food AND drink when quoting “anniversary”. Happy dining!

More information and book a table at Inamo Camden here.

Written by a Thoroughly Modern Miss, Lucy Freedman.

Casablanca, Future Cinema, The Troxy

This Valentines Day Future Cinema staged another hit event with the classic love story, Casablanca. As usual this exceptional company have thought of everything and the immersive cinema experience is as thrilling as ever.

Prior to one’s arrival in Casablanca, everyone has to register with the French Protectorate in Morocco. One is issued with an identity card and instructions regarding the journey to Casablanca. After inspecting and searching, guests are admitted to Rick Blaine’s Cafe Americain (the magnificently converted 1930s cinema, The Troxy in Limehouse).

In true Future Cinema style, the venue is reinvented to mimic the setting from the film. Round tables are arranged in a ‘cabaret formation’ with a stage showcasing the musical and dancing talent. The brilliant retro band, Benoît Viellefon & His Orchestra play through the familiar songs and the audience is encouraged to gather around Sam’s piano while he entertains.

Visitors can try their luck in the Café’s own Casino, and dance into the night with the Casablanca cast who seamlessly blend into the audience. While you enjoy the night the great love story of Rick and Ilsa is relived around you.

All one’s senses are aroused in Casablanca. Strong martini cocktails are on sale at a small side bar, simple but delicious. Moroccan delicacies are served at the Blue Parrot Café by Moro of Exmouth Market; dishes including chicken tagine with preserved lemon and olives, vegetable couscous with sweet onions, raisins and harissa, as well as sweet Moroccan pastries take the immersive cinema experience onto an olfactory level, recreating the smells and tastes of this Moroccan city.

After the fun and games, the film screen emerges from the ceiling for the great viewing. Fans of this motion picture will cry with fondness and newcomers will gasp in amazement. Casablanca is an immortal film and Future Cinema’s rendition is the best way to watch it.

Continues until 23 March, tickets available here.

Rain Room , Barbican

You may be wondering why the Barbican Centre is busier than ever before… this innovative arts venue always presents intriguing and original exhibitions but never before have the public been so fascinated.

Last Saturday afternoon I was one of the envied journalists who was allowed to skip the queue and go straight into the Rain Room, an innovative installation from experimental company Random International. This project is their largest and most ambitious work yet: a 100 square metre field of falling water for visitors to walk through: amazingly they remain entirely dry as the sensors detect them and stop the showers. It is appealing to feel part of an artwork and for the Rain Room participation is crucial to the success of the piece.

It is a mesmerising sight… technically virtuosic and visually staggering. Standing at the tip of the storm is a thrill and taking the first step is weirdly scary. Soon the adrenaline gets pumping and you feel invincible halting the droplets with every step… but be warned move too quickly and the sensors won’t keep up… put simply you will get wet. Paired with striking light design, Rain Room is a genius new artwork that thrills every visitor. For a few minutes you can control the rain, a superpower we all wish for as Londoners.

Be warned though – to play the Rain Game and you could be waiting up to four hours, it is a breathtaking installation but with so much rainfall outside you may feel silly waiting in line for so long to see even more…

Continues until 3rd March, more information here.