Getaway House, Upstate New York

Getaway House offers a rare opportunity to escape everyday life. The company has handcrafted cabins for guests to visit outside of New York, Boston and DC… a chance to appreciate nature, switch off from city chaos and reconnect with your family and friends.

Getaway HouseGetaway House

After five days making the most of all New York city had to offer, the Getaway House in the Catskills Mountains was a welcome break for us.

Although there are few details provided before arriving at the cabin, all the communication was brilliantly efficient and organised. We received a full itinerary email the day before our stay, with driving instructions, tips on where to buy food nearby and a few handy facts about our forest getaway. Excited and eager to arrive at our wilderness abode we stocked up on groceries at Otto’s Market in Germantown (steak and vegetables) and drove to the specified secret location.

Getaway HouseGetaway House

We were very at home in our two-person cabin named ‘Hope’, there are also cabins available for four guests (with two Queen beds). The cabins are cosy but thanks to the clever layout don’t feel at all cramped. The natural materials blend perfectly with the beautiful surroundings, and there are plenty of windows to let in maximum light from the outside world.

Getaway HouseGetaway House

Inside the cabin we found everything we needed (two hobs, a fridge, and cooking utensils) and a few extra treats (s’mores for cooking by the campfire). The small bathroom is found at one end of the cabin with a shower and toilet. Extra basic provisions are also stocked in the cabin and can be purchased for a small fee. Before our dinner we had fun reading the books provided (Cabin Porn has a range of endearing tales) and flicking through the Getaway notebook, filled with poetry, games and quizzes. After a relaxing evening we switched off the light and drifted off to sleep under the moonlight.

I loved my time at the Getaway House. For me it offered an unusual occasion to relax, unwind and switch off from my busy digital-focused lifestyle. I can’t recommend this beautiful and remote hideaway enough.

More information and book a stay at the Getaway House here.

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