Bun House, Soho

As bao buns continue to delight foodies in London (and their Instagram feeds), the eateries continue to open. The latest concept, Bun House, is conveniently located in the heart of Soho and offers delicious Chinese filled buns, to eat-in or to go.


The little eatery has been opened by Alex Peffly (who trained at culinary school in Ohio) and his wife (who hails from the Canton Province in China). Since both are enthusiastic about this cuisine and the London food scene, they decided to combine the two, introducing Bun House to the city a few months ago.


Unlike Taiwanese bao buns, the Chinese variety are closed and filled with different, comforting fillings. The menu at Bun House is short and simple, offering a range of meat, chicken, fish or vegetables buns, alongside a range of housemade pickles and a few inventive side dishes. I recommend trying the signature char sui barbecued pork belly, which is sticky sweet and delicious, encased in a fluffy white bun. We also enjoyed the shallot babies pickles and Lotus Root crisps. If you are brave try the House Fries & Mayo, made from duck tongue, they are definitely not what I expected texture-wise, but are worth tasting.


My favourite buns from the menu were the Custard Buns, a dessert option filled with egg-coconut custard. Oozing sunshine sweet goo from the white bun was very satisfying and it really tastes wonderful too.

Bun House caters for London’s keen foodies with a Chinese food offering that is both accessible and authentic. Those wanting a late night Soho snack can visit their mysterious cocktail bar downstairs, The Tea Room, where they will serve food alongside the drinks menu.

More information about Bun House here.

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