THOROUGHLY MODERN MAN: Lobster Kitchen, Tottenham Court Road

Lobster has undergone something of a rebrand in recent years. Gone are the snooty connotations of words like thermidor and accompaniments like champagne; in their place we now have sliders and craft beer (ok, so thermidor is still on the menu). Lobster Kitchen in Tottenham Court Road has continued this revival with a reimagined New England lobster shack nestled away in the heart of London.

A steaming open kitchen bustles in front of you as you take your seats, either at the bars around the room or on the giant communal table in the centre. The space is decorated in true New England style, with tacking and lobster pots adorning most walls and hung from the ceiling. It’s a lot more tasteful than it sounds, I should add.

A good bisque should be a simple warming staple of any New England eatery, and this lobster offering was no different, if slightly unspectacular. Our selection of lobster rolls was beautiful, the brioche bun the right balance of sweet and crispy and rich while the lobster meat took on the subtle variety of flavours, as one would expect. Asian, garlic, classic cocktail sauce, and an innovative Italian twist with garlic and chilli, inspired by co-founder Valeria’s background.

Sides are almost as important as the main event at a spot like this, and they do not disappoint, with the oh so trendy-at-the-moment mac n cheese taking centre stage, although the fries and were decent and the deep fried lobster legs were an interesting twist on an otherwise unused part of the animal.

The cocktail list is short and sweet, and specials rotate through the board, including offerings from the public. If you like your lobster a certain way, if it’s tasty enough then it can become part of the menu!

So get involved, duck in out of the rain and cold for a hearty filling feast, and you can show off to all your friends through the power of social media as you take nautical themed photos using the iPads generously strewn around the tables as you peruse the menu. Just remember to stick in a #lobsterkitchen for good measure.

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Written by a Thoroughly Modern Man, James Bomford.

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