Hot on the Highstreet Week 125

As I write this to you, the Carosella sisters are flying over the Atlantic Ocean preparing to make an almighty splash in the British jewellery market. These New York siblings are the hottest new jewellery brand around and mark my words; they are destined for great things.

I met with the founders of Sorellina, Kim and Nicole Carosella, last week in their penthouse flat (and showroom) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Chatting to these two young, stylish and beautiful entrepreneurs, it seemed impossible to imagine such fresh faces creating such an impressive empire from next to nothing.

Older sister Nicole designs and creates and Kim is the business-savvy mastermind who has turned their dream into reality. My first question was, “Where does the name come from?” they answered in unison: “The name of the label reflects the romanticism of our jewellery while paying homage to our Italian family heritage.  We chose the name Sorellina because it means younger or smaller sister in Italian.  I (Kim) am younger, but Nicole is shorter, and we loved that it applied to us both.”

Sitting in their enviably gorgeous apartment, overlooking the river and Manhattan, their first collection sparkled smugly on the table. They told me about the first few special pieces Nicole created. The jewellery business is a tricky and expensive market to break in to…  with permission to rummage through their mother’s old jewellery the girls found a handful of gold and gems to reuse to create new pieces. These were snapped up immediately by enamoured family friends and with the profit the first collection could be made.

I am a fan of both delicate and statement jewellery, though I am picky about pattern, shape and materials. I can truthfully say I would love to own any piece of the Sorellina collection… imaginative and original, pretty but bold, the designs are contemporary but with a special feel of retro elegance. Gold butterfly necklaces and adorable precious stone earrings are more understated while the moving diamond and gold flower ring is a showstopper for only the most glamorous of occasions.

Already making regular appearances on the red carpet, on celebrity wrists and in the pages of Vogue, the Sorrelina sparkles don’t need my endorsement… just remember when you are staring longingly into the Liberty’s shop window… you heard it here first.

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