Brunch at Caravan, Exmouth Market

I am always on the look-out for good brunch places, a make-believe meal time I adore. Recently though, the craze seems to be slowing down, and I couldn’t think of anywhere new that I really wanted to try. Luckily my super foodie friend was on hand with a selection of enticing suggestions… top of the list? Caravan.

I walked past Caravan often when I used to frequent Exmouth Market… the aroma of freshly roasted coffee always tempted me but I never quite made it inside. Despite the inconvenient trek from West London, nothing could dampen my first experience of this hub of activity and creativity. Inside, the venue has masses of charm: stools line the bar and friendly tables clutter the floor space. Appetising food whizzes past in every direction, each time I noticed I re-decided that I was going to order whatever THEY were having. There was a danger of me ordering the whole menu.

The range of alluring dishes are made from the freshest seasonal ingredients. There are hearty fuller plates for those substituting lunch with brunch or delicious small cakes and bowls of granola and fruit for late breakfasters wanting treats. The three of us were squeezed in at a cute corner table and soon our creamy, silky smooth (and much needed) coffees arrived. The basement of Caravan has been converted into a working coffee roastery. Here they roast small batches of beans daily using green coffees sourced from around the world. They not only provide Caravan customers with their daily fix, but also supply retail and wholesale customers around London and the UK.

Brunch is served on Saturday and Sunday between 10am and 4pm but be warned Caravan gets busy.  We sampled the following:

It was all mouth-wateringly good, but the best was definitely the cornbread french toast… an insanely good mix of ingredients perfectly compiled. The freshly made cornbread is filling without feeling heavy and sweet but savoury, healthy but tasting devilishly naughty. Topped with plenty of soft ripe avocado and crunchy peppery rocket, we savoured every mouthful. The coconut bread with strawberries was a more girly option with a creamy sauce coating the fresh fruit and bread. Raspberry Friand is the ideal lighter choice, for those on the go who want a sweet accompaniment to their coffee.

Caravan serves up the best brunch I’ve had in a while, it’s worth a trip just for the coffee.

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