Paul Edmonds hairdresser, Chelsea

It was a bold move going back to brunette, and I knew I could not achieve the final result immediately. I’m slowly learning that it takes time to completely change your hair colour! I went along to smart salon Paul Edmonds in Knightsbridge to freshen the brunette shade with warm highlights and a consultation from a top colourist.

The salon is suitably smart and sassy, ideal for Chelsea’s elite. I walked in spluttering and coughing, feeling unwell and in need of a little pampering.

After hearing about all the details of my hair (including the sun exposure it was about to receive in Morocco), my colourist, Alison was clear and informative about what highlights would work best. We decided on a t-section of very fine subtle honey highlights, to lighten and soften the harsh all over brown and create a more summery look.

Alison was a star, colouring my hair efficiently whilst attending to my every need: magazines, soothing ginger tea and tissues for my constant sneezing. I certainly felt it was a better and more enjoyable cure than lying bored in bed.

After an invigorating wash and blissful head massage, my friendly and bubbly stylist Justyna trimmed my split ends and blowdried my hair with a natural wave and lots of volume.

Initially the colour seemed faint but as soon as I walked outside the colour beamed, a natural, lovely sunkissed look ready for my trip to Morocco! The Paul Edmonds salon is a relaxing place to spend a morning and the staff are professional and experienced, striving for and achieving the best possible results for your hair.

Visit the Paul Edmonds website here for more information and to book.

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