Kerbisher & Malt, fish and chip shop, Hammersmith

Kerbisher and Malt is a modern, upmarket British fish and chip shop. You can take out, but the clean stylish interior may encourage you to eat in. Cool photos hang on the white tiled walls, and trendy wooden benches and tables provide casual seating. Located in W6, a few minutes walk from Hammersmith station, I was delighted to be visiting a café so close to home.

The food is simple and classic, a selection of fish varieties that promises to be the best and freshest available. I was disappointed they didn’t have plaice when I went along, but as all the fish bought in is fresh off the boat, it obviously means the menu will vary, and so it should in a good fish eatery. Impressed by the inclusion of sustainable fish on the menu, I chose the Coley. The batter was crisp and light, and inside the soft melting white fish was perfectly cooked, and super fresh.

The best bit was perhaps the deliciously vinegary pickled onion rings. I find this accompaniment can often be too sloppy and greasy but these were perfect, the onion was cooked but still a little crunchy, as I like it, with a pleasant kick from the pickling and a generous coating of batter. Oh, and the twice-cooked chips were amazing, I couldn’t help finishing off my large portion, a far cry from the usual soggy and heavy chips in most takeaway places.

It was lovely to see some regular customers come in while I was eating… each ordering their favourites from the menu, bulging chip butties or bowls of crispy calamari with chilli sauce. We also tried the Kerbisher side salad, an interesting mix, sprinkled with pomegranate, this gave a little necessary greenery to the meal!

We didn’t have pudding (I ate too many chips) but Jude’s ice-cream is on offer. I overheard the waitress listing the flavours and there are more than enough to satisfy all tastes.

Kerbisher and Malt is old fashioned and stylish, with reasonable pricing, comfortable seating and seriously decent grub. Surely the best fish and chip shop in West London?
Visit the website here for more information.

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