Hot on the Highstreet Week 269

This summer Magnum have set up shop in the centre of Covent Garden offering visitors the chance to design and devour their very own personalised ice-cream.

The concept is proving to be extremely popular with a long queue outside of sweet-toothed fans. The bespoke ice-creams are freshly dipped and topped with treats of your choice. Indulgent, delicious and completely unique.

Choose your own selection of tempting toppings from thousands of flavour combinations from rose petals to black lava sea salt. Magnum’s specially trained Pleasure Makers will then sprinkle your toppings over deliciously luxurious chocolate as it sets. Each ice-cream creation will be perfected with a drizzle of chocolate and the finishing touch – a classic M coin decoration – all for only £4.50.

The Magnum Pleasure Store has been designed with the Magnum Dipping Bar at its core surrounded by a mix of seating and standing areas. It is the perfect pit stop for shoppers, especially in the unusual warm British weather!

I opted for the vanilla ice-cream, dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with rose petals, coconut flakes and pastel pink crunchy balls and finally drizzled with milk chocolate with a white chocolate motif. It was decadent enough to substitute dinner!

The Magnum Pleasure Store is open in Covent Garden until 30 August, more information here.


Hot on the Highstreet Week 258

The main high street of South Kensington is one I used to frequent when I worked nearby. Now I only visit occasionally when meeting a friend for brunch or passing through. The area is busy with boutique cafes and quaint restaurants, but last week I spied a newcomer on the scene that piqued my excitement.

Maître Choux is a shop of colourful choux jewels, it is impossible not to stop and stare. When I was waiting patiently inside for my sweet delights I noticed a little girl’s face pressed up hopefully at the shop front window. This specialist choux patisserie bakes the finest and freshest Eclairs, Choux and Chouquettes every day, available to buy in a variety of tempting flavours.

The creative kitchen is led by Joakim Prat who has previously worked in a host of Michelin restaurants including a long stint for Joel Robuchon, where he really honed his skill. If you enjoy a bit of amateur baking you will know that choux pastry is a notoriously difficult to perfect.

At Maître Choux the handcrafted treats are light and airy but with a crisp shell. Joakim elevates the basic éclair to a luxurious, beautiful and ornate work of art. The iced fingers lie side by side neatly, each flavour has its own personality… the salted caramel is topped with a tiny gold dusted square of fudge, the pink raspberry is decorated with raspberries, multi-coloured hundreds and thousands and a wisp of gold leaf. I loved the alluring green pistachio éclair, and adored the nutty hazelnut variety. They are almost too immaculate to eat. Patisserie artistry comes at a price, and one éclair from Maître Choux will set you back around £5.

Maître Choux will also offer seating for a handful of customers. Here guests can accompany their pastry with a cup of the finest quality teas and coffee, as well as a thick hot chocolate made from a legendary Basque recipe provided by Joakim’s grandmother.

Maître Choux has found a happy home in South Kensington, the French district of London. They sell out every day so I recommend getting there early to taste a mouthful of choux heaven.

More information on Maitre Choux here.