Olympus Camera Companions

When I returned home after 5 months of travelling round the world I pretty much hated the sight of everything I had left in my suitcase; worn out leggings, barely working phone chargers, dog-eared gifts from various countries and cheap dusty footwear for all eventualities. But I had only more love and admiration for my two Olympus cameras, which enabled me to capture beautiful sights and create lifetime memories everywhere I went.

Olympus Pen camera

It is always nice being stopped in the street and complimented on a piece of clothing. Nowadays I get stopped by intrigued passers-by who want to know where I got my vintage-style camera from.  I am talking about the Olympus Pen E-PL7, which though compact has the ability of a much bigger camera. Available in white, black and silver, all equally stylish with a vintage look, but the striking white seems to be the most popular. For bloggers this camera is the perfect companion… A remote control wifi facility means it is very quick and easy to transfer photos from the camera to my phone, enabling me to use the high quality images immediately on my social media channels. And the useful flip/swivel screen is perfect for selfies, but I use it more for overhead shots of food.

Here are a few photos taken on my Olympus Pen:

Olympus camerasOlympus camerasOlympus camerasOlympus cameras

I was lucky to travel to some of the world’s best beaches and marine reserves, and couldn’t have captured the same underwater photos without my Olympus TG-860 Stylus Tough Digital Camera. This compact camera is designed for travellers, it is able to go 15m underwater and is also crushproof, freezeproof and shockproof… basically it is indestructible.

olympus toughPaired with a 16MP BSI sensor and a 5x optical zoom lens, this camera is a versatile machine that’s perfect for outdoor, active photographers who are ready to head out on an adventure. With 5-axis stabilisation, a flip-out LCD and Wi-Fi connectivity, the TG-860 is a versatile companion for a multitude of shooting situations.

Here are some images I took using my Olympus TG-860:

Olympus camerasOlympus camerasOlympus cameras

Now that I’m back in London my cameras are just as indispensable, accompanying me on blogging expeditions round the city and further afield.

More information on the Olympus Pen and Tough Digital cameras here.

Hot on the Highstreet Week 263


I have been following the Spanish fashion blogger Gala Gonzalez for a while now, and am always stunned by her striking looks and inventive style. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered she has teamed up with Italian shoe brand Superga to create a collection that evokes summer whilst remaining comfortable, casual and chic.


In the last five years Superga plimsols have become famous and familiar thanks to celebrity ambassadors like Alexa Chung, but the brand has actually been around for well over 100 years.

Under the care and attention of Walter Martiny in 1911, the Superga factory began to produce shoes with vulcanized rubber soles. It was here, in Turin, Italy, the Classic Superga 2750 heritage style was born.

After closing during the war, the Superga factory reopened with a mission to bring high quality footwear to the people of Italy. The 2750 became established as the people’s shoe of Italy, and Superga increased its product line with technical sport shoes, rubber rain boots and a growing range of colours and styles.

The 2750 shoe has been an icon since the very beginning and has inspired flatforms and mid tops, been transformed for all weathers, and has collaborated with top names to bring you fresh new designs. Taking you from the city to the beach, from the office to the bar, or from the high street to the park, the easy, comfortable Superga shoe has no boundaries.


This Superga capsule collection with Gala includes three models born from natural materials such as hand embroidery raffia, a traditional Spanish tradition, with a wide selection of warm colours, reminiscent of the Galician landscapes, birthplace of the young blogger. Beautifully made, and ideal for any occasion I predict they will be a hit.

These special edition shoes are currently only available on the European site, priced between 79 and 99 euros. Buy here.

Freixenet #LittleThings Event, Hoxton

Previous to this event, my knowledge of Freixenet was limited to occasionally spotting a bottle in my parents’ fridge. They are keen Cava drinkers so this suggested to me that the brand was worth looking out for. When the invite to Freixenet’s ‘Little Things’ event popped up in my inbox, I was intrigued and cancelled my pre-existing plans so I could accept.

A select group of bloggers met on the roof of the Queen of Hoxton in East London. The evening began with bespoke sparkling cocktails by renowned Catalan barman Javier de las Muelas alongside Spanish-themed canapés and delicious freshly carved Iberico ham.  The drinks were beautifully mixed and presented: Perfect Bellini, Garden Party and Black Luxury all using the Freixenet Cordon Negro.

We were blessed with bright sunshine and as we tasted a variety of the Freixenet range. The sun set magnificently before us harmonising with the pretty-in-pink Rose made with 100% Pinot Noir – the team had thought of everything. Next came fragrant dishes of paella followed by sugary churros with chocolate and strawberries, all prepared on the roof.

Stuffed full of food and drink, we reclined in the deckchairs for the grand viewing of the new promotional video, #LittleThings. This charming, comical series of four short films depicts surprise moments in life that are worth dancing about. It made the whole audience smile. Watch here.

Continuing in this vein, we then watched the classic 1980s feel-good movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, whilst enjoying Pops Classic Champagne ice lollies.

Zooming through London in the taxi home I looked through the goodie bag to discover a miniature bottle of Freixenet fizz. Every little thing was perfect about the evening: fun, food, films and fizz.

Learn more about Freixenet here.

Watch the #LittleThings video here.