W Hotels now open in Maldives, Koh Samui, Bali-Seminyak

Last week I went along to celebrate the launch of W Hotels’ new branches in the Maldives, Koh Samui and Bali-Seminyak. This chain of luxurious and stylish hotels is making astounding progress with a new branch opening every ten days somewhere in the world. They pride themselves on offering a service that provides for the customer around the clock. Some of the hotels even have an Insider, an expert on the city on call to give advice whenever.

With a focus on design, music and fashion the W Hotels create an ambience that inspires their guests. Each branch is different in character and vibe: the London hotel aims to illustrate the dual life of a typical Londoner, calm and businesslike in the day, a fun party animal at night.

A huge sparkling W marks the entrance to this luxury hotel in London. Upstairs, after momentarily being tempted by the shop of beautiful accessories, we were taken through to a smaller area with a giant glittering disco ball shooting light around the room. Cocktail maestros were shaking away producing stunning Asian inspired drinks: kiwi mojitos and Thai basil martinis, refreshing and delicious. While sipping away we were treated to little nibbles like hot mushroom spring rolls and tuna tartare. In one corner two expert therapists were giving mini Thai inspired massages, using intense pressure points to relax all the guests. It was divine.

I felt I was treated to a real taste of Asia and the new W retreats. I can’t wait to start planning a trip to Bali, a place that sounds as if it is filled with wishes and wonder.

Visit the W hotels website here for more information.

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