Anokha, Indian Restaurant, Acton

To find a decent restaurant in Acton is quite a revelation. As soon as Pizza Express hits the chavvy acton highstreet I’m sure things will start looking up… But currently we have very few places to experience fine dining. A rare occasion of my whole family being reunited called for a special celebration, which came in the form of a trip down the new local Indian restaurant, Anokha.

Anokha strives to offer guests authentic Indian cuisine and it certainly seems to deliver as the place was completely full on this Friday night. As fireworks were blazing entertaining passers by outside we were having our own drama inside Anokha where the particularly excitable fire alarm was ringing loudly every few minutes in the kitchen, initial growing pains. In a small airtight restaurant I would usually find this kind of imperfection infuriating however the sweet natured waiters made the whole exxperience so lovely you couldn’t help but smile and laugh at the noise!

After crisp poppadums our main courses arrived, not so promptly, but I guess we were a large table of six. The curries were delicious with soft and subtle flavours, exceptionally fresh ingredients, and impressive attention to detail. I ordered the particularly showy Chicken Shashlik Bhuna: diced marinated chicken cooked with herbs, tomatoes, onions and green peppers in a rich sauce and served on a sizzler! It was fragrant and filling and wonderfully unique served on the hot portable stove, quite a show piece. The rest of the table was filled with interesting selections from the menu, a creamy and sweet Chicken Korma, Tandoori Chicken, Tikka Biryani and an assortment of vegetable dishes. Miraculously we managed to clear the table. For six the meal cost £70, incredibly reasonable considering the quality and taste.

I give Acton a hard time but hopefully the arrival of Anokha marks the start of a revamp of Churchill road, a part of Acton that has a lot of potential.

Visit the Anokha website here.

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