Hot on the Highstreet Week 75

Winter coats are a real pain to find and buy… I mean who wants to spend money just to keep warm? Unfortunately, in this country, they are a necessity and the sooner you buy one the sooner you can cross it off your winter wardrobe shopping list. I have been through various coats, particular favourites include: the patterned forest green full length Miss Sixty coat I got for Christmas when I was 16, my secondhand lemon yellow Moschino 60s style one and a cute red babydoll number from Topshop that saw me through my school years.

This season I have felt rather underwhelmed by the British highstreet’s offering of overcoats. There is a beautiful selection in Burberry, but at around £795 these are sadly a little out of my price range! I have wanted a camel coat for a while, they are versatile and stylish and work with most outfits; I was hoping the final Jil Sander for Uniqlo collection might bring some joy but annoyingly all their coats are black or brown. Just as I’d given up and stopped looking I found a winner in Topshop Boutique in Edinburgh, where coats are even more essential with the biting Scottish wind. I have always liked the Boutique section of Topshop as the materials are better quality and the look is more sophisticated than the usual range.

The man’s wool mix coat stood out in Topshop as a beautifully tailored but comfortable camel coat. As it is meant to be a loose fit, the sizes are on the big side, I ended up getting the smallest size. Made from 79 % wool, this coat should keep me warm all winter without needing endless layers. I also love that it can be washed in the machine, avoiding hefty dry cleaning bills. Buy online for £175 here.

Sophisticated and on trend this is my highstreet coat of 2011.

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