Wool Week

Milly the Sheep

So we all know that ‘fashion week’s are coming up in many major cities, but who knew that this week is Wool Week in the UK? Well it is, and there are events and activities happening across the capital embracing all things woolly. His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales initiated the Campaign for Wool, to make us more aware of the huge challenges facing the wool industry. It seems Wool Week has come not a moment too soon, considering the arctic September weather we are currently experiencing.

The highlight of the week is an exhibition titled WOOL MODERN launching at La Galleria in London – a celebration of wool in the 21st century. The show exhibits innovative wool-related pieces from iconic designers including furniture, art and photography, and taking a peek at the history of wool. There is also the chance to register to compete for an exclusive designer woolly handbag, thanks to Harvey Nichols.

My favourite thing about this event though is the woolly mascot that has been designed by MillaMia in honour of the week, Milly the Sheep! Complete with instructions, MillaMia hopes to introduce people to the world of wool with this fun and quick knit. Each furry animal can be customised with its own coloured scarf and is made from soft merino wool from John Lewis, or other yarn shops across the UK. Read the instructions to make your own Milly the Sheep here.

More information on Wool Week here.

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