Walk Beirut Tour

If you ever visit Beirut, do try Ronnie’s Walk Beirut… it is the best in depth guide by foot you will ever experience.

Despite not looking typically Lebanese, Ronnie is 100% born and bred in Beirut and is suitably enthusiastic about his hometown, promising us at the start of the tour that by the end we too would fall in love with this city.

For three and a half hours he kept the whole group utterly captivated with his imaginative storytelling and passionate joie de vivre. As we walked round the 13 stops and sights, Ronnie’s family, friends, fans and followers stopped to holler from cars or high five him in the street. It was hilarious and immediately obvious why one journalist named him ‘Moses of Beirut’, he is a familiar legend in the city. I enjoyed every second and cannot recommend this tour highly enough. We were previously completely bewildered by the complex city but, after Ronnie’s brilliant walk, felt like experts understanding even the most confusing aspects of this magical place’s history.

After trying Ronnie’s WALK BEIRUT tour, I am positive it is the only way to discover the city of Beirut, learn about its tumultuous history and observe the beauty of the modern Middle East.

My photos above hopefully illustrate the picturesque WALK BEIRUT experience.

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