Hot on the Highstreet Week 264 : Sodashi

sodashi set

Before even opening the packaging I knew it was my Sodashi treats inside… the natural fragrance of these products was already flavouring the air.

The word Sodashi translates to mean wholeness, purity and radiance, qualities that this brand represents whole-heartedly. Hailing from Australia, Sodashi is an intelligent company with firm morals. All of the products are chemical-free, using therapeutic-grade, ethically-sourced essential oils and plant actives to effectively heal and nurture the skin.

I was lucky enough to experience the luxurious Sodashi facial at Akasha Spa a few weeks ago and fell instantly in love with the healthy and effective products. My face felt and looked radiant for days after the treatment. Ever since this revelatory spa session I have been enamoured with the Sodashi brand, so I was delighted to receive a range of their finest products to trial and try.

As a blogger I travel frequently and often find myself using cheap products whilst staying away from home. The Sodashi ‘Calm Skin Care Kit’ solves all travel beauty dilemmas. A chic grey wash bag contains six miniatures, ready to use wherever you are. Each bottle is 50ml or less so is within hand luggage liquid restrictions. It is a complete skincare pack to calm and revitalise sensitive skin. Individually the products begin to regenerate and revitalise the skin, but it is when they are used together in a dedicated routine that they work wonders and ensure visible changes to the skin. The kit includes a cleanser with sandalwood to clean make-up and dirt from the skin, a Calming Concentrate made from plant essences to exfoliate the skin. The Calming Rose Face Mist then tones and balances the skin before the Calming Skin Boost firms and tones. Finally you add moisture with the Calming Face and Neck Moisteruriser and the Eye and Lip Smoother, both which smell delicious and feel luxurious on the skin.

sodashi clay mask

When your face is really in need of an extra boost, the Gentle Repair White Clay Mask is the perfect product. The White Clay and Neroli stimulate cell renewal while Chamomile and Rose calm the skin. I found it was a lovely Sunday evening treatment, smoothed evenly over my face and left for 15 minutes it relieved tightness and left my face feeling fresh and looking bright. Another occasional product worth investing in is the Enzyme Face Polish which exfoliates and cleanses the skin and gently polishes with finely ground rice. It is best to use twice a week as part of a Sodashi skincare routine.

sodashi polish

I am not one to boast and brag about organic products, but I found the Sodashi range to be truly remarkable, and most importantly effective. The results for my skin have been noticeable on both look and feel, and I can’t wait to try the rest of the range.

More information on the Sodashi brand here.

You can purchase the Sodashi products from Akasha Spa, Piccadilly.

Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre, Cafe Royal, Piccadilly

At rush hour Piccadilly Circus is perhaps the busiest, most chaotic place in London. And yet, two floors underground you will find the Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre, the ultimate place to relax, recuperate and rest. The spa is a a heavenly extension of the luxurious Café Royal Hotel.

The spa has an impressive, illuminated swimming pool in the centre of the spa. Surrounding this are various relaxation rooms and private studios, perfect for one-on-one sessions. Every week there are several classes to enjoy including yoga, pilates, tai-chi and meditation. Akasha also have London’s first Watsu pool for hydro-treatments. In the Earth Lounge refreshing drinks and a healthy menu are served.

After admiring all the facilities I got changed into a cosy bathrobe. I was here to try the new Sodashi Crystal Opalescence Facial – 90 minutes of total relaxation and bliss. My softly spoken therapist, Erin, was incredibly knowledgeable and informed me of the different qualities of the products used and the processes she would be going through during my treatment.

Sodashi is an amazing beauty brand from Australia using completely natural ingredients. The products are totally chemical-free and yet have miraculous effects on the skin. The main part of the facial treatment involved a trio of special Western Australian crystals: Rose Quartz for calm, gentle nurturing and stabilising energy; Green Aventurine is an all-purpose healer, and; Carnelian which represents confidence and is good for cleansing and purifying. The smooth stones caressed my skin, massaging and soothing my face and neck. I think I must have fallen asleep at some point as I remember waking to a warm flannel comforting my face.

During the facial my skin was softened and exfoliated using a range of other Sodashi products. Erin used the Clay Cleaner with Lavender to cleanse my skin and continued with the Face Polish to exfoliate and remove all excess dirt and oil. Occasionally I would be asked to breathe in aromas or a light mist of toner would refresh my skin.

My favourite part of the facial was the final massage. Erin seemed to instinctively know exactly where my tension was and kneaded into my shoulders, and deeply massaged my scalp. I didn’t want it to ever end.

Learn more about Akasha Spa at Cafe Royal here, and look out for more information on the Sodashi brand coming soon.