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A few weeks ago I spent a colourful afternoon with Light & Free yoghurts learning the art of graffiti, inspired by their new special edition yogurt packs designed by artists.

Light and Free

A group of us arrived at a Shoreditch studio, and were greeted by a local graffiti artist and red overalls to put on. Once we were kitted out in the appropriate protective clothing, gloves and masks we went through to the bright white room where vibrantly coloured yoghurt pots lined every wall and blank canvases awaited our creativity!

Light and FreeLight and Free

We quickly learnt the skill of using a spray paint can… applying different pressure to different parts of the nozzle and holding the can at different angles to get varying sized lines. Shading and drip technique was next up and definitely harder to master! Eventually we were let loose on our own blank yoghurt pot stencils on the wall to design our own. My once-brilliant idea (clouds of light & Free yoghurt dripping into a spoon) immediately became an insurmountable task! Luckily there was help on hand to help me to create my challenging design!

Light and FreeLight and Free

There are 8 Light & Free flavours to choose from… simple classics like ‘Vanilla Vibe’ and exotic offerings like ‘Coconut Craze’ and ‘Lavish Lemon’. For this beautiful limited-edition collection Light & Free chose 4 innovative and unique artists to each design 2 packs. The group of artists includes illustrator and graphic artist Neil Stevens, graffiti and street artist Nerone, Morag Myerscough who is known for her neon patterns and impressive structures and South African artist Justin Poulter, an illustrator and lettering expert. Each has interpreted the yoghurts uniquely with designs ranging from abstract patterns to charming cartoons. One thing they all have in common is an expressive use of colour, which was evident when all the designs came together at the launch party!

Light and FreeLight and Free

The artists collection of Light and Free perfectly represents the vibrant and rich flavours of the yoghurts and it was so much fun to be part of the launch of this brilliant range.

More information about the collection here:

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