My working life with the Intel NUC

I worked in an office for 5 years before going freelance. Suddenly, my tiny flat was my office space and I had to sort out all my computing needs, without the help of an efficient IT team! Over the last few years of being self employed I have evolved and discovered small ways to make my working life easier. Needless to say, I am always delighted to find electronic devices that assist me on my mission, and this is where the Intel NUC comes in…

Intel NUC

The Intel NUC is a Mini PC. This powerful portable box is a small (4×4 inch) replacement to the giant desktop. The Intel NUC Mini PC is so lightweight it can be carried around anywhere and plugged into any screen, as and when you need it. With the additional keyboard and mouse, you can then use it as a conventional computer, for all your needs from media editing to gaming apps, streaming videos to storing data. Best of all, the Intel NUC Mini PC is a complete system and comes already loaded with Windows┬« 10.

Intel NUC

For me the Intel NUC is most useful for photo storage and editing on the go. I can now just carry the little box around with me and feel reassured that wherever I am I can plug in and work stress-free. I am always on the go, and used to get bad back-ache from lugging around a laptop and hard-drive, now I fit my NUC in my handbag, perfect for when I’m working in more than one space within the same day.

Intel NUC

This new product is also built with the best processors to ensure a brilliant viewing experience, so when I am travelling I can use it to catch up on my favourite films and TV shows. With 4K Ultra HD video, 360┬░ video, multiple video streams, and premium content playback, the Intel NUC enables users to have sharp and engaging content. The NUC also has in built dual-array front microphones so you can use a digital assistant to help with diary management and email usage.

With more and more people working on the go Intel NUC is a brilliant piece of equipment which is changing the way I work and is offering a solution to a lot of my freelance struggles. I urge you to give this clever little piece of equipment a try.

More information about the Intel NUC here.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Intel.

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