Every food photographer or stylist will know that the plates and cutlery pictured in the shot are just as important as food being photogenic. Needless to say, I am slowing building up a collection of bowls, spoons, cups and saucers found all over the world.


Sambonet offers elegant cutlery for every occasion, and they look great in big flat lay shoots! This well-known Italian brand has been making silver and stainless steel flatware since 1856. Over the years they have won numerous awards including the Compasso D’Oro ADI, Red Dot and GOOD Design Award. The different collections evoke different styles, modern and contemporary or more classical. Every piece is carefully crafted with functionality and aesthetics in mind.


Along with the more traditional sets of cutlery Sambonet have some other ranges which will add extra personality and fun to your dinner table.

Vintage – The lovely vintage collection is a tribute to Sambonet’s great and iconic design projects from over the years. It uses a special craftsman finishing technique on the surface of the stainless steel flatware. Through a series of industrial scraping processes, surfaces assume an original and intentionally “worn out” effect, introducing a new and unusual ambiance at the table and a new trend for contemporary interior design.

PVD – ‘Physical Vapour Deposition’ is a technique which alters the colours and shades of valuable objects by evaporating the metal particles in a vacuum chamber. This special treatment hardens the steel and optimises its resistance to rubbing corrosion whilst also preventing rust. This process generates the Black, Copper, Gold and Champagne Sambonet cutlery.

Antique – An ‘antique’ look is extremely popular at the moment and Sambonet have the perfect collection to suit your retro dinner table needs. The “Antique” finishing is characterised by the matt appearance of the stainless steel, which is created by high pressure ceramics sandblasting treatment which defines the final surface effect.


My favourite style is the Vintage PVD and I would love to include the gorgeous brushed copper set in my foodie flat lays. There are two consecutive processes which have to happen to create this unique tone and texture, a beautiful set of cutlery which would complement any table set-up.

More information about the Sambonet products here.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Sambonet.

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