Derren Brown, Infamous

Derren Brown is a wonder, a marvel… a phenomenal human being.

I spent my teenage years cynically mocking my magic-keen brothers and dad as they watched Brown’s shows in amazement, and now, 10 years on, I am in an entirely different predicament – how are these tricks possible?

Infamous is currently on tour around the country. I was lucky enough to see it on stage at the Palace Theatre in London. The auditorium was full of eager spectators and fans. We all watched Derren for over two hours as he put his mentalist mind to work stunning us all. He is wonderfully charismatic on stage and is utterly addictive to witness. Over the evening he performed a variety of tricks each showcasing a different talent. From more logical, deceiving card scams, to ominous medium work. He completed the show with a finale of ‘Dick Brain’ challenges, each more impossible than the last.

I am not able or allowed to divulge further details of this eerily brilliant show, but I would urge you to pay Derren Brown a visit… he is truly one in a million.

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