Book of Mormon, Prince of Wales Theatre

The Book of Mormon was an instant hit, stunning and shocking audiences on Broadway and now in London’s West End. It is nearly impossible to get tickets and fast becoming the most desirable production to see ever. The show, written by the successful duo behind South Park, is as crude and rude as the TV show but much, much funnier.

Reviewed by every critic, writer and blogger, there is not much to say that hasn’t been said. There is plenty of f@&$ing and blinding to mention, but it is the genius musical structure which deserves credit. Using motifs and melodies from a variety of famous musicals, Book of Mormon is a collage of creative ideas brought together by a ridiculous but thought-provoking narrative.

A group of Mormon missionaries are sent off in pairs to bring in new recruits. The main characters, Elder Price and Elder Cunningham, begrudgingly travel to Uganda to convert a village of African rebels, with disastrous results.

The songs, the dancing and the stupendous performances make this show a spectacular one-of-a-kind, hilarious and mesmerising throughout. And although I’m not desperate to return for a second viewing, I am relieved and pleased to have witnessed the show once because I am sure that there never has and never will be another musical quite as absurd and amazing as The Book of Mormon.

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