Lunch at The Ritz, London

I have always lived in London but have never visited the Ritz. I am sure there are many Londoners like me, who have often walked past and thought about the hotel inside, but like so many other iconic British buildings, have never ventured in.

After a lavish lunch at the Ritz Restaurant with the hotel’s Chairman Andrew Love, I can truly recommend a visit inside this fabulously famous London establishment.

Ritz Restaurant

Stepping inside the Ritz lobby, the hotel was everything I expected it to be… beautifully ornate with staff smiling at every corner. We walked past the spectacular Palm Court where hundreds enjoy afternoon tea every day, to the immaculate dining room, pink and golden in all its splendour, with an amazing high ceiling and views overlooking Green Park.

We were seated in a lovely table with plenty of natural light streaming through the grand windows. I noticed every charming detail; the turquoise plates and pretty cord-bound menus.

Ritz Restaurant

Our meal began with miniature canapes and flutes of champagne. The mouthful of Coronation chicken encased in crispy pastry was a definite favourite with my table.

Artichoke Royal with winter vegetables and black walnut was a simply spectacular dish, almost too pretty to eat. The autumnal mousse had a silky smooth texture and was topped with micro herbs adding a touch of freshness to the dish. On the side, a leaf shaped crisp completed the dish.

Ritz Restaurant

For second course I adored the truffle angolotti dish; the rest of the table were presented with a beautiful plate of Brill fillet with shellfish, sea vegetables and champagne sauce. The pasta was perfectly made and complemented with a creamy parmesan sauce and shavings of black truffle.

Ritz Restaurant

The Beef Wellington arrived majestically on a trolley. Huge servings were carved for each of us, glistening medallions of the finest meat wrapped in pillowy pastry and served with celeriac mash and sauteed mushrooms. It felt very regal and wonderfully British to be eating Beef Wellington at the Ritz.

Ritz Restaurant

We celebrated the upcoming pancake day with the most stylish pancakes of them all… Crêpe Suzettes prepared in a tableside performance, flambé. A light but indulgent French dessert served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Often the reputation of an iconic hotel can overshadow the restaurant in residence. The Ritz Restaurant is truly wonderful in its own right and I commend head chef John Williams for continuing to offer such sublime and creative food, that represents the very best of the UK’s culinary traditions.

More information and book a table at the Ritz Restaurant here.