Everything Everything, Nokia Lumia Live Sessions

I have always loved the music of Everything Everything. The first time I saw them was at Hop Farm Festival where I was standing amongst a crowd of frenzied fans, including a middle aged group of enthusiasts who seemed to know every lyric to every song. I later found out they were the band’s parents, who had come along to support! This quirky group specialise in obscure lyrics, unlikely cross-rhythms and catchy choruses. Both their first and second albums have received critical acclaim.

Nokia picked this original rock-pop band for their final Lumia Live Sessions gig, to be held at a secret location. We were picked up from London Bridge pier at 6.45 pm and loaded onto a private clipper boat. Journalists and competition winners alike traveled down the river to London’s only surviving lighthouse, The Chainstore, in Trinity Buoy Wharf. Darkness had fallen and the venue was surrounded by the silhouetted London skyline; guests shuffled up the ramp from the boat, ravenous and excited.

Food was complimentary from three food vendors: we opted for Asian cuisine at Rainbo Food, delicious fresh chicken and coriander gyoza with a colourful salad, cooked in a 1948 ford pickup. It was tasty but the portion size was a little mean. For dessert we indulged at the Meringue Girls stall, beautiful rainbow-coloured handmade meringues in an assortment of flavours served with thick whipped cream and spiced fruit compote – wow they were good.

Inside the Chainstore, support acts Nick Jackson and Dora Martin played enthusiastically through their sets. It was only at 9 pm that the room became crowded as the audience pressed towards the stage ready for the main show. The Everything Everything set was electrifying, very affecting and powerful with songs like ‘My Kz, Ur Bf’ clearly thrilling the audience who sang along loudly.

The gig was the seventh and final event in Nokia’s Lumia Live series with three hundred lucky competition winners joining industry personalities and celebrities to attend this intimate session, the first gig of Everything Everything’s much awaited tour.