Mr Fogg’s, Mayfair

Whimsical and wacky, Mr Fogg’s in Mayfair has all the makings of a great bar. It certainly doesn’t conform to the classic standards of its neighbours!

Based on the wild adventures of the eccentric Phileas Fogg, the bar is decorated with dusty books, vintage globes and intriguing artefacts. Hidden behind an unassuming black door, the secrecy of the place makes the interior all the more wonderful when you step inside. The soundtrack, designed by DJ and music guru Rob Wood and his company at Music Concierge, helps set the scene.

A huge bar holds hundreds of glowing bottles of spirits and liquors, all waiting for their turn off the shelf. The menu is long and rather laborious to search through. After explaining our preferences, we let our waiter choose us suitable drinks.

The drinks are well mixed, and attractively presented with raspberries and cucumber slivers. I fail to recall the names, and I wasn’t allowed to keep a menu. I do remember however, mine was a little too sickly sweet but my friend’s had a refreshing citrus kick. The bill amounted to £30 which for just two drinks is definitely too steep for the good but not spectacular drinks. If you are going for the experience Mr Fogg’s is a fun bet, but for the best cocktails save some money and wander into Soho or Marylebone where the real mixologists are at work.

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