Hot on the Highstreet Week 172

Known as the ‘Picasso of Pastry’ Pierre Hermé is a master of macarons. I feel very lucky to work just round the corner from his only London shop on Lowndes Street and regularly peer in to see the coloured cakes while out on lunchbreak.

Hermé’s quest for the finest ingredients has led him to coffee and his latest special collection, Fetish Infiniment Café is a discovery and celebration of the best beans. It is the result of his meeting with Hippolyte Courty, founder of L’Arbre a Café, a gourmet coffee bar in Paris.

Together they sampled many coffees, of all origins, until Hermé decided to use mild but robust Iapar Rouge du Brésil and the very rare and delicate Bourbon Pointu du Piton des Neiges de la Réunion for his recipes. Hermé then sought to bring the intense and unique qualities of these beans to his collection of macarons, pastries, chocolates, nougat and cake.

Though I wasn’t crazy about the dense and plain pound cake or the wafer thin chocolates, the coffee macarons are sublime, true testament to the quality of the coffee and the skill of Pierre Hermé. Light, balanced and aromatic with a crisp outer shell and an indulgently creamy thick centre, his bitesize French fancies have never tasted so good.

The Fetish Infiniment Café collection is on sale until 20th October, get your caffeine kick quick before they sell out.

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