Dip and Flip, Clapham

As burgers begin to slip off the top spot for fast food trends in London, American-style joints branch out to offer something a little different. And if you can’t find a burger calorific enough, I have just the place for you. Dip and Flip is inspired by the gravy addicts of the north, the patty is flipped and flame-grilled, soaked in gravy then sandwiched in-between a delicious brioche bun. The burger is then served alongside a bowl of rich, aromatic gravy for burger dipping.

There are several burgers on offer but it is the Dip and Flip speciality that is attracting insatiable foodies to this restaurant. Two of us shared a ‘Dip and Flip’ (topped with roast beef) and a more conventional cheeseburger. I managed about three bites before giving up on the gravy-drenched patty, I cannot deny the depth of flavour and irresistible sloppiness but it was just a little too much for my poor arteries to cope with.

The accompaniments are simple: chips come coated in paprika seasoning, delicious but a little too salty. There is the option to have them coated in cheese; I bowed out of this challenge. In retrospect I wish I’d ordered a side salad to counteract the meaty indulgence though I imagine anything fresh would wilt in such a fatty environment.

It is quite dizzying to recollect my memories of this gluttonous feast – it is definitely more of a boy’s burger den… after all, a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. Waking up with an agonising food hangover the next morning, I thought to myself ‘no burger is worth this’.

More information here: dipandflip.co.uk