David Almond and Franz Ackermann, White Cube Bermondsey

When in London I like to spend Saturdays discovering new brunch menus and visiting art exhibitions. Bermondsey is an ideal area for weekend strolling, there are numerous cafés offering every cuisine and the prominent White Cube Gallery always offers something thought-provoking. With free entrance it is easy to drift in and wander through the tall clinically white interior.

Currently White Cube Bermondsey is exhibiting two very contrasting collections, both exhilarating in their own way. Darren Almond is an adventurous artist whose diverse work incorporates film, installation, sculpture and photography. In this instance he has produced an evocative series called ‘To Leave a Light Impression’, showcasing his mesmerizingly serene ‘Fullmoon’ series of photographs, depicting every continent in the light of the full moon, taken over a period of 13 years. The picture of Patagonia is particularly memorable, though each shot has its own eerily beautiful quality.

Franz Ackermann’s brightly coloured wall murals are completely different visually but just as impressive. The explosive spontaneity of the pieces is a joy to experience. The pictures are like complicated mind maps, vibrant layers of diverse materials. When you first encounter them the canvases look like a confused mess of neon hues. Walk closer, and a whole network of ideas becomes visible, to be interpreted differently by each viewer.

At the end of the art appreciation, pop into the shop to peruse the books. Next time you are wandering down Bermondsey Street in search of food, take ten minutes out to discover the imaginative world that the White Cube offers.

Continues until 13 April, more information here.