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Hot on the Highstreet Week 113: BASSBUDS

Usually I zone out as soon as a ‘high performance’ product is mentioned. It all sounds far too male-orientated, technology-minded and quite frankly boring… but the Bassbuds company grabbed my attention when a pair of glitzy Swarovski high quality headphones arrived on my doorstep.

Bassbuds have successfully fused aesthetic high performance in-ear headphones with a MIC & MP3 controller creating a piece of equipment that is both effective and stylish. Immaculately presented in a smart black box, it is a perfect gift for any music fan.

The design is very appealing, some are even made with Swarovski elements. The range comes in a huge variety of jazzy colour combinations to suit every customer; after looking through the huge selection I’ve decided the ‘Fashion Collection’ is my favourite, although the ‘Classics’ would be perfect for any man in your life. I was sent an attractive white pair, very similar to the iPod variety… but with an extra special Swarovski rock in the centre of each ear.

In terms of practicality I can’t fault the BassBuds, the sound is crystal clear and your music can be controlled with just one button… so even technophobes like me have no reason to worry. I usually find in the ear headphones uncomfortable but Bassbuds are discreet and soft, with three sizes of rubber attachment to suit any shaped and sized ear!

Currently reduced from £85 to £34.95 on the website, it has never been a better time to upgrade your headphones.


The site also has a dedicated page for a game enabling customers to win discount, an addictive game and brilliant concept: