My Honest Upbra Review

Finding a great bra for me can be really tricky- I hate how you can be a different size in every single store, and finding a bra that is comfortable while also being stylish can seem impossible. It seems like the only thing worse than bra shopping is jeans shopping (seriously- who comes up with women’s sizing?!), but both can be particularly frustrating. I had heard of this new bra company, Upbra, that promised to find your perfect fit and give you a bra that would give you amazing lift and cleavage- something that I was skeptical of at first! I was sent the Upbra to give my honest review and I have to say, I was genuinely surprised at how much I loved this bra!


One of the first things that really impressed me about Upbra was that they really took the time to make sure I found my perfect bra size- and it turns out the bra I was wearing was WAY off where I should have been! I used their Mobile Bra Size Calculator which was super easy and gave me my perfect size in no time at all, without having to use measuring tape or questionnaires.


Once I had my perfect size, my bra arrived in no time, and I immediately had to try it on. And I was immediately in love. The Upbra fit me perfectly, and really did give me incredible cleavage that I never thought I could get from a bra, not without heaps of padding anyway! It felt natural and comfortable, and lifted my breasts upward and inward to make me look amazing.

I think my favorite thing about these bras is that it gives you complete control over your cleavage- the cleavage control straps can be adjusted by hooking them into the notches along the band. The closer in notches give you a more natural, everyday look while the further out you go will give you a more glammed up, red carpet look. I loved how versatile this bra was, that I could go from day to night with a pull of the strap.


The bra also contains specially formulated vinyl hearts on the inside of the cups, which help to grip your breasts and keep them in place all day long, no more slippage!

This Upbra comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles which mean you’re sure to find the perfect bra for you. Plus, when you use their Bra Size App you can make sure you’re wearing your perfect size to keep you comfortable and looking great at the same time.

I highly recommend checking out the Upbra, it was such a confidence booster and made my cleavage look better than it ever has before! You won’t regret it!

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This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Upbra.

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