Twig Saints by Chris Kenny

Twig Saint

St Desideratus – May 8th

Little saints live within the fine branches of certain bushes. They are released by cutting away everything that is not them.

Twig Saint

St Eugene – July 13th

These emaciated little figures demonstrate the saintly characteristics of self-denial and humility. They twist and gesticulate, openly expressing their agony or their ecstasy. Their fragility may withstand hardship and torture but in the end they can be so easily crushed, martyred.

Twig SaintsA week of August saints

Every day of the year certain saints are commemorated. Commonly it is their birth into heaven, the day of their death on earth, which is celebrated.


St Cajetan – August 7th

I am presenting every day a unique, named little twig saint. To accompany each one, I am writing a brief life-story pieced together from many sources – biographers, historians and holy texts.


St Cyriacus – August 8th

Each morning this Saint of the Day appears on Instagram, the little person and their story.

twig saints

I am placing many of my twig saints in little boxes, something like relics. The evidence of carefully preserved relics in a large number of churches proves the miraculous existence of many saints, rather like a preserved narwhal’s horn proves the existence of a unicorn.

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By Chris Kenny. See more of the artists work here.

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