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With more and more delicious and affordable gluten-free and wheat-free products on the market, these speciality foods are no longer just for those with intolerances. BFree Foods was founded in Ireland in 2011 with an aim to bring deliciously tasting gluten free premium quality products to the market leaving anyone free to enjoy them… whether you suffer from an allergy, are a vegan or are simply looking for a healthier alternative, there is something for everyone in the BFree Foods range.

BFree Foods have an impressive variety of products from Soft White Sandwich Rolls to Multi-Seed Bagels. I’ve chosen three of my favourite bread options from BFree with a suggestion about how you can incorporate them into your home cooking.

BFree Foods

When it comes to home comforts I love nothing more than a slice of brown bread with butter and marmite… it always reminds me of home. I found the Brown Seeded Loaf was the perfect product for this. When toasted it was a lovely consistency and allowed the butter to soak into the bread indulgently. You can also use it as a sturdy option for cheese on toast.

BFree Foods

Working lunches at home can be boring and uninspired but with a few fresh vegetables, some hummus and falafel you can have a tasty meal, wrapped up in the Quinoa and Chia Seed Wraps. These BFree wraps are also high in fibre thanks to the added teff and flax seeds.

BFree Foods

If I have friends coming over for dinner and don’t have much time to cook I find Fajitas are a great option. I have a few coeliac friends and hate to disclude them from the Mexican party. Try the Fajita Kit which is free from all allergens and comes with a handy sachet of seasoning and some flavoursome salsa.

BFree has successfully created a collection of products that help us all live a lighter and healthier life, and though I don’t have any intolerances to wheat and gluten I can’t deny that I felt better than normal after eating these clever alternatives.

More information about the BFree Foods products here.

All of the products are allergen free (no gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, nuts, or soy!)

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with BFree Foods.

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