Future Cinema, Saturday Night Fever, Troxy

I was utterly amazed when I experienced Secret Cinema for the first time a few years ago. This immersive cinematic experience caught on fast and soon everyone wanted a ticket to a Secret Cinema event. Soon after, Future Cinema arrived, a less exclusive idea that allowed the revolutionary concept to reach bigger crowds. The product was, sadly, diluted and consequently the thrill lessened. Tickets were more readily available, and very few were as desperate to go.

Casablanca was my first Future Cinema experience and more recently I went to the Saturday Night Fever production. As a big John Travolta fan, this film has always been on my favourites list, and I even have a scruffy vintage film poster in my room. Unfortunately though, the character led storyline does not lend itself to the Future Cinema format and the experience was less convincing. The flashing multi-coloured dance floor was fun and there was a bit of good dancing but that was all.

Less time, money and creativity has gone into the Saturday Night Fever showing, the entrance was less dramatic, the hall was barely decorated and the characters/actors seemed lost amongst the audience. All in all I found the concept, for the first time, mediocre. Drinks were overpriced and it was confusing having stalls selling clothes and jewellery at the back of the venue. In fact the only good thing about the evening was the classic disco film, which I would have rather watched from the comfort of my own home.

More information on Future Cinema here.

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