Bishi, The Print Room

I wasn’t intending to review the Bishi show I saw last week, but was so affected by her performance that I feel compelled to mention her on my website.

An independent musician, artist and performer based in London, Bishi has a reputation for individual and ambitious work. Described as the doyenne of hybrid music, she combines ancient folk, left field pop and Asian instrumentation with fluency, charm and lyrical melody. The new album ‘Albion Voice’ is a work of vision and musical courage – at the core is a desire to make inspirational music with fearless conviction.

Recent explorations into online broadcast, immersive projection and interactive technology has seen the project move further into art practice with presentations in galleries and cinemas as often as traditional music venues. New works in ceramics, textiles and hand made couture enable a deeper exploration of the influences and processes involved with the project as a whole. With an established international career, Bishi performs and exhibits across Europe, Asia and the US. She was recently announced as ‘The New British Diva’ on the cover of The New York Times and could be compared to the eccentric Lady Gaga.

Bishi is a larger than life character and her personality totally consumed the intimate Print Room audience. Dressed in an impressive structural outfit with head piece and veil, she is a striking performer. She sung through her new album while dancing and playing the sitar in front of spectacular video installations, majestic and magnificent – it was an absolute pleasure watching this Indian beauty perform.

Bishi has a range of prints, ceramics and artworks from recent exhibitions available for purchase, I especially love my pop-arty Bishi tea towel. Her new CD, Albion Voice will be available for purchase soon.

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