Detox Lemon Cocktail, Bistro du Vin, Soho

Many endeavour to start the New Year with a new healthy regime, I have a few friends who give up alcohol entirely for January. This is surely the motivation behind Bistro Du Vin’s new detox cocktail on offer in the Soho branch.

This elixir is called the Lemon Detox Cocktail and is priced at £4. The name led me to expect a boring citrus fruit juice, but what I experienced was quite unusual. A spicy, fruity, warm and comforting drink that was truly tasty. Lemon doesn’t feature too prominently, instead the cranberry and camomile tea combination presents a gorgeous blend. The Cajun pepper gives an extra spicy kick and the lemon sooths the throat.

The lemon detox is a firm favourite with celebrities, Beyonce reportedly lives off the strange Lemon Detox Madal Cal Tree Syrup, which packaged in a square tin looks like some kind of car oil! I’ve always believed a master mixologist should be able to whip up a virgin cocktail tasting just as good as the real deal, and Bistro du Vin have proved their pedigree.

This detox mocktail is so good you can sip it and just pretend it’s alcoholic… if you didn’t know the rum/gin/vodka was substituted you’d never guess from the taste.

Here is the recipe for you to try at home:

The Lemon Detox

by Bistro du Vin

50ml of Camomile Tea

100ml of Cranberry Juice

12.5ml of the Lemon Detox Madal Bal Tree Syrup

12.5ml of freshly squeezed Lemon Juice

Cayenne Pepper

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